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This mod adds glowing "mystical" signs and roadsigns to Skyrim. Perfect for those that use darker nights mods or for those who just want to brighten things up a little, like me. Enjoy!

Permissions and credits

Mystical Illumination - Glowing Signs

First and foremost i would like to thank MaidenUSA for the name "Mystical Illumination". I foolishly and originally named the mod "Neon Skyrim" and people were quick to tell me it sucked. But i listened and changed the name, so don't hate the mod anymore! Thanks again to MaidenUSA for the cool new name and thanks to all who give the mod a try!

Secondly, i would like to extend a HUGE thank you to NerevarineKhajiit for making the MIGS - Mystical Installer! He took the time and put in the effort to help all of you make your installation experience much easier. So again, thank you, NerevarineKhajiit. I suggest all of you who make good use of the installer to go give him so Kudos.

Main Description:

This mod adds mystically illuminated glowing signs and roadsigns to Skyrim. Perfect for those that use darker nights mods or for those who just want to brighten things up a little. It also features glowing signs for all Inns, General Goods, Alchemy Shops, Meaderies, etc. Basically any shop that has a hanging sign glows now. This mod should also be considered "non lore-friendly" unless you make believe there is "Magicka Paint" like i do... Yup, i said it- Magicka Paint.

I first started this mod in late January and the idea originally came about during my first playthrough when i didn't discover the Riverwood Trader until i was about 20 hours into the game, i also later found the alchemy shop in Markarth at about the 200 hours mark when i was wrapping up the game and had been to Markarth 100 times before... ugh. Then there was the issue of the road signs, sure there are high-res super nice looking ones out there but there was still one problem. I couldn't read them when i was trotting by unless i was right on top of the sign. Mix in some darker night mods and you have a recipe for not being able to see much of anything. Needless to say i thought something needed to change and i got the "bright" idea to make the signs glow so i couldn't possibly miss them. I finished this up and thought people would probably also enjoy it as much as i did. So i decided, why not share? Enjoy.

Version Information and Differences:

MIGS version 1: Features "always on" glowing signs. That means they will glow day and night.
MIGS version 2: Features signs that "turn off" during daytime hours.
MIGS for Point the Way: Features Shop and Inn signs that "turn off" during the day and road signs that glow day and night. Note: MIGS version 2 and Point the Way required!


Activate only one of the main versions through NMM or Just drop the BSA and ESP in your main Data folder.


Please be aware that there are a few normal/non-glow-map textures in MIGS that can be overwritten by other mods.

Installation - Foreign Language Translations (all):

1. Install the translated road sign mod of your choice. You must use a translation mod that i have made compatible glow maps for (Required)
2. Install MIGS (overwrite as needed)
3. Install MIGS - Translated Compatible Signs (overwrite as needed)

Note: I have tried to be generic in my description for the translation instructions due to the number of translated mods. Sorry for any confusion this may cause.

Special Note: For MIGS Translation Users Only!

To use the translations for MIGS that i provide you must download the original mods first because i did not include them in my translation files. If you do not use the original sign texture mods i used for my translations then you will have glowing signs that don't line-up correctly. Links to the original mods that i have made compatible glow-maps for are listed below. Again, you must download the original mods first or the glow-maps in my translations will not display correctly!!!

German Road Signs by TheBugfix
Wegweiser Beschilderungen Deutsch
Russian Signs and Textures by ANDEREY
Carteles en Espanol -spanish signs- by Dorkirt

For ENB Users Only!

I believe i finally figured out the values in the enbseries.ini that affect the glowing of signs. See below for my current settings... The value most specific to the glows that i got results with were IntensityDay and IntensityNight. If you use the settings i listed below you most likely won't need to use "Mystical Illumination - Glowing Signs for ENB". The only drawback i can see is that windows at night won't glow super bright, They'll just glow like normal windows, Not a biggy for me but just be warned that your nighttime window glowing will be affected too. So, tinker with the NIGHT settings below to achieve the sign brightness you want.



Delete what you installed.


This should be compatible with any road sign retextures that keep the same lettering sizes and proportions as vanilla. That means the lettering in the retexture have to line up exactly to vanilla. Otherwise you will have a ghosting effect.

Compatible Mods:

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek.

Installation instructions:
1. Install SMIM
2. Install MIGS
3. Allow MIGS to overwrite the SMIM meshes.

Compatible Translated Sign Mods (WIP):

German Road Signs by TheBugfix
Wegweiser Beschilderungen Deutsch
Carteles en Espanol -spanish signs- by Dorkirt
Russian Signs and Textures by ANDEREY


Any mod that changes the same meshes (especially the meshes!!!!) and textures.

Mods used to achieve my in-game colors:

Spell of Luminus - Night Brightness Adjuster
FXAA Post Process Injector (saturation only)

:Special Thanks:

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Brumbek for allowing me to edit his outstanding SMIM sign meshes. You can download his mod here: Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM ...and i strongly urge that you do so. As a matter of fact you need to because the textures needed for the compatible signs are not included in my file. So again, thank you, Brumbek.

It took almost 3 years since he gave me permission to make a compatible version, but i'd like to heartily thank the Legendary Arthmoor for allowing me to make the Point the Way versions. Now that PtW has become a part of MIGS it has become even better. Please, if you like the PtW integration go give Arthmoor some kudos.
Get his original mod here: Point the Way.

Once more with feeling! I'd would like to thank Autan Waspeez for allowing me to create the Signs of Skyrim Edition of MIGS. If you want more interesting signs then this version is for you. Please be sure to give him kudos if you like this edition.
Get his original mod here: Signs of Skyrim.

I'd also like to thank Dorkirt for providing the original PSD files for his mod. He saved me so much time and frustration and i'm very, very grateful. Thank you, sir. BTW, you must download his mod for my translated glow maps to work properly.
Get it here: Carteles en Espanol -spanish signs- by Dorkirt.

The high-fives never stop! It's time to add Jokerine to the list. Thanks so much for giving me permission to make a compatible version of your mod! Get the original mod here because it is a requirement! The Bloody Tankard - Halloween Decorations and Food by Jokerine.

The thank you list keeps "expanding"! Thanks to MissJennaBee for allowing me to MIGS-ify Expanded Towns and Cities! Get the original mod here because it is a requirementExpanded Towns and Cities by missjennabee.



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