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Adds a set of human and elf male presets that are more attractive than the vanilla versions, to make character creation a little easier.

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This mod is a collection of my characters from Skyrim, added as presets for ease of use. These are selectable at character creation, or you can open the console and type "showracemenu" to change your existing character's appearance. Since they're presets you can easily tweak and change them to your liking, but they should serve as a pretty good starting point for the kind of character you want to make.

This file includes 3 nord presets, 2 breton presets, 2 redguard presets, 1 orc preset, 1 high elf preset, 1 wood elf preset, and 1 dark elf preset.

There are no requirements for using this mod. All presets use vanilla assets to ensure this mod is compatible with the widest variety of systems.
The screenshots for these presets were taken with Better Males and Human Eyes for Elves installed; your presets may look different based on the mods and texture replacers you currently have installed. If you prefer smooth elf faces (like in the "Dunmer 1" screenshot), I recommend MikoYork's Handsome male elves and humans. I also recommend ApachiiSkyHair (plus the optional file "ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_0") for a wider variety of men's hairstyles.

To install, simply copy the .esp file into your Skyrim's Data folder and then check the mod under Skyrim's "Data Files" the next time you run the game. That's it!
To uninstall, simply uncheck the file in "Data Files" and then delete "Sundy's Male Presets.esp" from your Data folder.

This mod replaces a few of the default presets and will be incompatible with other mods that do the same, but you can always download multiple preset mods and then switch between them using Skyrim's "data files" list as you like. The beauty of preset mods is that you only need them active when you originally create your character.
If you are running nuska's Ethereal Elven Overhaul, make sure Ethereal Elven Overhaul is placed BELOW "Sundys Male Presets" in your load order. My elf presets are incompatible with EEO, but loading "Sundy's Male Presets" first will allow EEO's elf presets to overwrite mine, while still keeping the presets for human races intact. (Or just use BOSS to manage your load order; it will do this automatically.)

I encourage everyone to use these head morphs as you see fit. Go crazy and have fun! Just remember that I've spent a LOT of time tweaking the geometry of these faces, and I'd appreciate credit and a link back if you use one of these presets or a derivative thereof in your own mod releases.

Any screens you can share of these presets in use, or any variations or derivatives, would be hugely appreciated! I want to see what you guys can do! And comments/endorsements don't hurt either. I love you.


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