Werewolf Mated Rested Buff Lovers Comfort bonus by Matty K
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Now Updated for Hearthfire. - Now with correct archive path.
Added Source Scripts

Werewolves continue to get the Lover's Comfort bonus, however they will not receive the Farther's/Mother's Love bonus.

I have attempted to allow this but I have been unsuccessful, I do not no why, I have removed the werewolf check in the script, but for all my testing my werewolf saves cannot get the adoption bonus, but all my non-were saves can.

It could be an issue with my saves and I have not tested on a newly created character so your experiences may vary.

I've updated the No Beast blood optional mod to work with HF, as with the Mated version Werewolves cannot get the Mother's/Father's Love bonus but this will allow non-were characters to get the buff. Again no idea why this doesn't work the werewolf check for this buff as been removed in the script.

The old versions of this mod contains the pre-DLC sleepquest script file so it is missing the code that triggers the Mother's/Father's Love.

The point of this update is to keep the mod's impact on the game to a minimum so that no uninstall of this mod is required if you wish to play another character that is not a were.

Known issues: The bug that prevent's Lover's comfort from being applied unless you have move to your spouses house and then back to your house, can be permanent in Hearth fires if you have adopted children BEFORE getting married. This is because once you adopt children your housing must have a child's room, your spouse's doesn't have one, so you cannot move into it.

Most obvious solution is to marry BEFORE adopting, do the move fix, then adopt.

However if you had already stuffed this up (like me) and progressed far into the game so that reloading is not an option, there is another way.

bring up console
enter "setstage 21382 10"

This should now apply lover's comfort correctly.
This is my first ever mod so don't be too harsh.

This will apply the Lover's Comfort bonus to a Werewolf that is MARRIED.

Same rules for getting the Lover's Comfort for a non Werewolf apply: Must be the main bed in the couples home.

Resting in other beds will NOT receive a bonus.

Well Rested and Rested bonus will NOT be applied in this mod. Attempting to get these bonus' will result in the standard Beast Blood message.

I Should also mention that if your character is NOT a werewolf it will not effect the application of rested bonus', so it is safe to run while using other non werewolf characters.

I created this mod because there didn't seem to be a Werewolf mod that effected solely the rested bonus. Also I didn't see much reason why a werewolf5 should be penalized completely from the skill bonus. Being a Werewolf(vanilla) doesn't give that many benefits especially at end game and I though this would be the best compromise in getting a rest bonus.

I figure getting married or finding a Mate for your Werewolf should have a calming effect on the beast blood and in so doing getting the Lover's Comfort Bonus.

On a request I made a quick mod (literally commenting out one line) that removes beast blood restriction all together its in the files tab under "".

To Install just extract to the .../skyrim/data/ folder.

Obviously these two mods conflict with each other so only have ONE installed at a time.


How to Install

Copy matedrestedwolf.esp to the skyrim\data folder.

Copy PlayerSleepQuestScript.pex to the skyrim\data\scripts folder.

Create folder named scripts if missing.

Running for the First time.

After loading a game up the first time you might not get the buff when sleeping in your bed.

To fix this you need to tell your spouse to move to his/her house, then once they have moved there tell them to go back to which ever house you want.

The buff should be then be applied as normal, this has nothing to do with this mod its a bug within the game itself.


Simply delete BOTH files, just deleting/unchecking the .esp file will not stop the script from running (since it just contains the in-game message). As far as I tested there appears to be no ill effects to a save game file after uninstalling just removes the buff if active.


Will conflict with any mod that modifies the sleep quest script file above.