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small mod aimed at giving Dawnstar a secure feel... updated to Version 1.5

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1:20 is where the inspiration came from for this mod...

The Premise:

 Dragonborn: "I"ve slain the Giant troubling Dawnstar and I claim the bounty (tosses Giant's Toe to the Jarl)"

 Jarl Skald: " Good work, that should tell the other Giants to stay out of the Pale!"

 Dragonborn: " have no walls, no moat, not even a respectable do you keeps things out?"

 Jarl Skald: "Well...we have some of the finest soldiers in the Pa.."

 Dragonborn: "Stop, I've seen your guards get beat by a bear who wandered into town, why don't you have walls?"

 Jarl Skald: "Well..we did..a few Eras ago, but stonework is expensive..."

 Dragonborn: "There are loads of trees, cut them down, fashion a stockade. The best part is its cheap, and requires no specialized labor."

Version Guide:

- Version 1.0 is the original file, kept on for old times sake

- Version 1.5 is the new, improved file
        * contains two esp files, use only one!
        * Dawnstar_Fortified V 1.5 is the new file
* Dawnstar_Fortified_Expanded is the version I made to work with  Dawnstar Expanded


Morthal Fortified

thanks to Bethesda and the nexus sites

can improve or add to in your own game, but no uploading without my permission (all you have to do is ask).

DON"T UPLOAD TO STEAM! If you do I won't support it and the upkeep will be on you