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Looking for a refillable Oil Lantern? You just found it.

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Head to Calcelmo in Understone Keep, Markarth. He has just received a shipping container from an old friend in High Rock via the East Empire Company. It contains something you might be interested in....

This Mod adds an oil burning lantern into your game with a small backstory on how it came to exist, but you will probably have to craft it...

it also adds a new type of torch, a "used torch" which can be soaked in oil to use in an emergency if you lose your lantern!
(I hear Belethor has been stocking up on them...)

The lantern has a long but finite fuel range and will run out after a given time, meaning you have to refil it with lantern oil!

....Lantern oil?

There is a journal in Calcelmo's recent package, have a flick through it to understand a little more :)

you should only ever need one lantern, so there is no need to have multiple lanterns in your inventory, just oil.

future updates will include new animations for holding / sheathing the lantern and some texture work on the old lanterns. they are using the vanilla textures for now.

there may also be an update adding the ability to break a lantern making it unusable. (purely for the immersion nuts)

time to go crawling through those dwarven dungeouns with a bit of troll hunting on the way home!

NOTE: This mod has the most effect when using any "darker nights" mod. There are a few to choose from, i use realistic lighting but other choices are out there. Any of them should be fine!

HUGE thanks to:

seventyfour over at the BethSoft Forums, for lending his Talos like papyrus powers to this project.

Gunner6999 for assistance in bug fixing and scripting assistance.

supernastypants for beta testing, and for making the video for this mod!

VvardenFellow for beta testing and teaching me the wonders of Photoshop. Alpha channels be damned!

mannygt for designing the new cover picture. kudos.

dj2005 for helping to find the bug.

Anybody who deserves credit that has been forgotten.

and of course Bethesda for fuelling my modding addictions since 2005.


Update 1.0a; - Bug fix for Lantern oil / Spelling correction in Journal/Guide.


Scripts, i feel should be shared for others to learn from. Do with them as you will.

Meshes and textures however CANNOT be used in any other mod unless i give you explicit permission, regardless of how long it takes. If you don't hear from me, you can't use them.