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This mod adds a modified version of the Dark Brotherhood's Shrouded Robes. The mod adds new clothes and doesn't replace the original ones.

The Robes are located in a chest just outside DAWNSTAR SANCTUARY.

Inside the chest you'll find:

1) Black Hand Robes, Three Versions : Light/Heavy/Clothing.

2) Ancient black hand Robes, An enchanted version, Magicka Cost 25% less, but when health is under 30% the player becomes darker and destruction spells will cost 50% less to cast. Three Versions : Light/Heavy/Clothing.

3) Black Hand Hood, HandWraps and Boots.

4) Original shrouded robes, hoods, gloves and shoes.

Latest version : 2.3
V2.3 :
- Added Normal and ancient Heavy Armor versions of the Robes on the box.
- Added Normal and ancient Clothing versions of the Robes on the box.
- Heavy and Clothing versions of the Robes can be crafted at the forge.
- Light and Heavy versions can be upgraded in the bench. Clothing version is excluded since it wont make an effect.
- The Armor Values has been changed a bit to make a some difference between the clothing/light/heavy versions.

V2.2 :
- Fixed the Black Part around the nick for the male skin.

V2.1 :
- Robes Now can be crafted. Each piece requires 10 leather stripes and 5 leathers.
- Removed the enchantements from each of the hood, gloves and the shoes. But they can be enchanted in the archane.

V2.0 :
- Redesigned the robes, making them less lousy. Still Not sure about the stiffness
- Fixed the black part of mesh around the neck.
- Skin around the neck should be more dynamic with the weight sliders now.
- Added Black hand's Gloves, boots and hood. They're same as the shrouded ones. All in the same box.
- Enhanced the textures. Made the colors more vibrant and the texture sharper.

V1.3 :
- Robes now can be enchanted.

V1.2 :
- Removed the enchantment of the original one.
- Added New Robes: "Ancient black hand's robes" which has the enchantments of the original one.

V1.1 :
- Add enchantments on the robes.

V1.0 :
- Intial Release.