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NEW MOD RELEASED: DEMON HUNTER ARMOR by Jojjo and GraceDarkling and zzjay:

Thanks, Mack!
And all the modders around through all the years!
"Baptized in blood and fear" was written on the steel.

Thanks to MMOxReview!

Thanks to Brodual!

Thanks to xitzphilgx!

Adds Dread Knight Weapon Set to the game.
It's a weapon set I made once for Oblivion but now imported and retextured anew for Skyrim.
All the meshes and textures were made from scratch.
Bow (my first bow ever)

Required other mods - none. Maybe patched game.

Actually there are two sets - one forgable and upgradable (Ebony equivalent) and other non-forgable upgradable (Daedric equivalent).
- The normal set you can forge at any forge - ebony section. Ebony smithing skill required.
- The Superb set you can find in Folgunthur (Crypt) located southeast of Solitude. Look for a chest next to the Word Wall.
You'll have to fight for it but the prize is free of charge (the one-handed weapons comes in pairs for the dual-wielders).

Extract the archive. Take the folders "meshes", "textures" and Dread Knight Weapon Set.esp and paste'em in your Skyrim/Data folder. "Yes to all" when/if asked. In Skyrim Launcher go to Data Files and activate Dread Knight Weapon Set.

Uncheck Dread Knight Weapon Set in Skyrim Launcher Data Files.
- Dread Knight Weapon Set.esp from your Data folder
- Skyrim\Data\meshes\weapons\dreadknight folder
- Skyrim\Data\textures\weapons\dreadknight folder

Thanks to Bethesda for the best games and the Creation Kit.
Thanks to Nicoroshi for the invaluable help when I was stucked with the bow import. Best of luck, brother!

Tools Used
3ds Studio Max
Creation Kit

This mod was created only for using here on Contact me before doing anything new with the stuff.