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Dragon Companions by Misa
Skyrim » Companions - Creatures
Added: 19/04/2012 - 12:57PM
Updated: 21/04/2012 - 06:51PM

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Uploaded by Maboroshi2131


Last updated at 18:51, 21 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 12:57, 19 Apr 2012

Upload your photos of you and your Dragon companion! Hope you guys are kicking some butt with them...


After Misa was gone Nibbles had nobody to look after him, but he was ordered by her to guard the [ Summon Dragon ] spell tome.

Nibbles agreed to guard duty and waited for her to return. When his mistress did not return Nibbles became very sad and lonely. Though able to speak, none of the Mages at Winterhold would speak to him and refused to believe he was there.

So there he stays... Night and Day guarding the spell tome and knowledge it holds. If only someone would give him a chance to prove his worth and take him on adventures that Misa could not, he might find his mistress or forever be lost to the world the Knowledge of summoning Dova.


Nibbles The Dragon will become your follower if you find him.

From the demands of [ Summon Dragon ] spell I made I was commissioned to make a version of Nibbles that will follow you until you tell him to stop.

After hours of testing and tweaking I finally update Nibbles

Version 2.0 Beta

Added this mod to the Workshop ( )

Fixed a issue with Nibbles never regaining his health after falling unconscious

Nibbles will never fly! This will not effect other Dragons in your game as Nibbles is his own self or... "Race"

Version 3.0

Updates include

A new BSA which should clean up the efforts a bit

New Dragon with voice, and skin

Add Shivers the Dragon to your game!

Shivers is a Dragon that uses Ice breath instead of fire

She has a new skin, voice, and will follow you around just like Nibbles does

To find these Dragons they are in the courtyard where the big statue is on Either side of the main entrance

Here is a video if you're still stuck :