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IMPORTANT (update 24 April 2013)
There is a bug in the game engine that limits the functional worldspace size to max 128x128 cells (centered on cell 0,0). It turns out that activators will not work properly outside cell +/- 64 (in both X and Y). The funny thing about this bug is that you only notice it if the player is facing away from the center of the map. This is not a new problem for novel world spaces, it is also present in the Tamriel worldspace, but most of Skyrim’s worldspace is not affected since most of it fits inside the +/-64 cell limit.
So what happens if you are outside the +/-64 cells?
For example picking up objects, opening doors, harvesting materials and casting spells will not work if the player is outside of the limit cell and facing the wrong way. If you like to try this bug out for yourself, jump into our worldspace at say cell 65, 65 and cast fireballs on the ground facing in different directions. Where things work as they should, the spell will leave a burn mark on the ground, but facing the other way there will be no mark.

Unfortunately this means this worldspace can not be used as a whole. The Hoddminir team has decided to make several new smaller height maps to get around this bug.
I will leave these files up for one reason, if anyone wants to use parts of the map for your own projectyou can check the landscape out in this large worldspace first to find that perfect spot.
Then you can pick out 4096x4096 pixel pieces from the height map to make new worldspaces (just make sure to center them on cell 0,0). If you need help just contact me.

Update 2013-01-17
This is a new working Beta release for the Hoddminir world, and this is the worldspace we are using when developing our mod. The Hoddminir project is a large world independent of Skyrim or the Elder Scrolls world. Original the world was developed as part of a pen and paper role-playing game among our friends, and now it is becoming a large mod for Skyrim. The story will take place in a world inspired by Nordic mythology. The name comes from the Hoddminir Forest where the only two humans, Lif and Lifthrasir, survived "Ragnarök". (the destruction of the world)

To take a walk in the world load the HoddminirBase.esm and use the Console, type cow seyland and coordinates. A good start coordinate would be the city Emblar at 96, -15.

I have included the raw file used to create the worldspace. You can use it, or parts of it to make your own mod. The height map raw file is 14336x14336 pixels in size and saved with Channels count 1, 16 Bits depth, IBM PC bite order and Header size 0. The image is flipped vertically so it gets to be the right direction after the TESAnnwyn run. The old lager height map is also available for download. I don't recommend using all of it, but you can cut out a part of it to use. The 16x16 quad map is a little less dramatic in the slopes.

I have also added maps of the worldspace, with a cell grid, to help find where you are, the world is really big. I recommend using AcidZebras tool, “Where in Oblivion am I”. You can use this in game to find out what cell you are in. It's really good when you walk around the world in game to find that perfect location :)

Beware that this is a large mod, the zipped file is 600mb in size, an the HoddminirBase.esm is almost 460mb. The zipped file contains the worldspace esm and the unnecessary lod files.

For more information on the development of this project go to the blog, or check out our forum over at Dark Creations.
If you want to know more on the plans we have for the world, take a look at this blog post.

If you have downloaded and used an earlier version this worldspace there are some significant differences with the new one. First of, it works now, no save and load problem like the old one had after the skyrim updates. Unfortunately the new one has other dimensions, the world space is 14 x14 quad large, before it was 16x16quads. The default level of the land is also shifted, now the sea level is at -6144 units, and the lowest land (sea bottom) is at -8192 units.
If you have used the old world to build anything, this new map will not work for you. I'm really sorry for the inconveniences. I will, as soon as there are proper tools are available (like GeckoV) make a update to the 16x16 quad world too.

Un-zip files
Put the esm under Data and the LOD files under Data/Textures, Lodsettings and Meshes in the same folder structure they have in the zip file.

v0.01 , 4/19/2012 - Initial Beta release
v0.02 , 4/19/2012 - Updated the HoddminirESM zip file with a new working seymapmarker.esp and added a separate downloadable zip file with only the new seymapmarker.esp
Grid map, 7/02/2012 - Added a worldspace map with a cell grid.
V1.0 , Remade worldspace, 14x14 quad in size, now fully functional.

Known bugs
Version 0.02
Saving and Loading in game will not work proparly. The problem started after the Skyrim 1.5 update. The problem comes from that I added the skyrim.esm as a reference using TESVSnip. Skyrim.esm is needed as a reference or the game will at best throw lots of error messages or even crash. As soon as the GeckoV is released (should be soon), this problem will be fixed.

Version 0.01 of the contained a mapmarker esp that did not work and would crash the game. The esp was referencing to an older version of the main esm file.
If you have downloaded the v0.01 there is a separate zip file only containing a new working mapmarker esp. Also the v0.02 of the HoddminirESM has the new mapmarker esp and will work.

If something is not working, please contact me.
You can find me on TESNexus and the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Elinen'

This is primary intended to be used for the Hoddminir project. If you would like to use all or part of the height map for another project you are welcome to do so. The height map raw file is included in the zip file, all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.

To create this world I used PhotoShop, GeoControl2 and EarthSculpture.
The esm was made with TESAnnwyn and converted using TESGecko.
The landscape LOD files (meshes, textures and normal map) was made with Oscape and the landscape .lod file with the lodfilegenerator.