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This mod adds the possibility to choose your own class at the beginning of the game.

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First of all, sorry for my english. This is not my native language so I'll try to do it as good as I can.
This mod adds the possibility to choose your own class at the beginning of the game. For now, there are 13 classes released:

> Warrior
> Mage
> Warmage
> Prayer (with the possibility to choose one of the nine divines or to worship the Daedra's)
> Thief
> Archer
> Assassin
> Merchant
> Bard
> Vampire Hunter
> Archaeologist
> Alchemist
> Blacksmith (with the possibility to choose a sub-specialization -iron, elven, daedric, etc)

Each class obviously has its own features. Without going into too much details:
Warriors are skilled in combat and they can wear heavier armors, but are really bad mages. They do much more damages.
Mages are good with spells but their armor are weaker.
Warmages are between Warriors and Mages. They have less Magicka than Mages but their Destruction spells are more effective.
Prayers have a larger radius of spells. They are intimidating; their spells cost less magicka.
Thieves are stealthy and are good at pickpocket and lockpicking. They are weak fighter but have more stamina.
Archers can make much more damage with their bow and they can fall from higher distance. Their armor are heavier though.
Assassins are stealthy. They can make critical hits more often and they have a special spell (a detection spell like in Assassins Creed).
Merchants can sell and buy at better prices. They can take more items and recover their health faster. Their armors are weaker though.
Bards have an high SpeechCraft stat and they can sell at relatively good prices, still less than merchants but they have more favor points (used in certain dialogues).
Vampire Hunters have a special spell to detect all vampires around them. They become stronger when they kill a vampire (activate a dead vampire and see what happens!).
Archaeologists can reanimate a dwemer machine if they have a filled common soulgem and two dwemer scrap metal.
Blacksmith's are skilled with hammers and maces. They can sell their items at very high prices but only to an other blacksmith.

This is not too much detailed, as I added some subtile changes. Just test and see how it goes.
You'll be able to choose your class once you are going to be executed (in the intro) or after 10 seconds if the intro is over. You will not be able to change your class later so be careful.

Warrior: OneHanded +20, TwoHanded +21, Magicka -70, Stamina +10
Mage: Magicka +70, Stamina -30, OneHanded -20, TwoHanded -25, Health +25, Restoration +20
Warmage: Destruction +40, Magicka +40, OneHanded +10, TwoHanded -15, DamageResist +5, Restoration -20
Archer: Marksman +25, OneHanded +10, Stamina +20, Magicka -35, JumpingBonus +6
Thief:Sneak +25, PickPocket +10, Stamina +5, UnarmedDamage +15, Health -25
Merchant: Speechcraft +20, ByPassVendorStolenCheck 1, Intimidation +5, PickPocket -20, Stamina -5
Bard: Speechcraft +15, Intimidation -8, Stamina +10, Illusion, +10, ShoutRecoveryMult -0.3
Devote: Magicka +30, Intimidation +30, Stamina -20, UnarmedDamage +20, Health +10,Destruction -20
Assassin: LightArmor +10, OneHanded +20, TwoHand +10, Sneak +10, Intimidation +20, Health -30, Special Spell
VampireHunter: PoisonResist +10, Intimidation +30, NightEye +1, Alchemy +15, Magicka -70, Conjuration +30, Stamina +20, Special Spell
Blacksmith: Smithing +30, LightArmor -25, HeavyArmor +10
Archaeologist: Reanimate Dwemer Machines
Alchemist: Alchemy +30, Stamina -20, Magicka -20, Health +35

The mod by itself is made by me alone. However, most of the pics you can see ar emade by trivium7357. Go give him some kudos!
This mod cannot be uploaded to another website and cannot be uploaded on Nexus or modified. Thank you.

This mod is not compatible with mods that modify the MQ101 quest; therefore it's not compatible with the Alternate Beginning mod. This can be patched sometimes soon, or not.

I consider any request, but that does not mean it will be done ;-)

I hope you'll enjoy this mod and please, give me some feedback!