Maxwells Silver Hammer by AzrealKass
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Added: 18/04/2012 - 09:21PM
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Last updated at 21:24, 18 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 21:21, 18 Apr 2012

Maxwell's Silver Hammer. A hammer of silver(really steel) to bring down upon the head of the undead, scientists, teachers, and judges. Yes I made a Beatles reference, Can be found right next to the Skyforge

No one else had done this yet so i figured why not. too lazy to make a silver hammer texture (by lazy I mean I have no idea!)

If you would like to donate silver hammer textures I'd happily give you credit and a total of 50 internet awesome points (by that I mean co-authorship on this mod my friendship and perhaps some cool mod ideas for the future :D)

Feel Free to leave feed back so I can make this better/more balanced. I'm considering taking the stagger effect out. Endorse if you like it, perhaps I'll do more mods if I'm not terrible at this!