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Added: 18/04/2012 - 08:29PM
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Last updated at 19:18, 23 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 20:29, 18 Apr 2012

WereControl - now ToL compatible (Look at "files section" for ToL version)

*unlimited time for your beast-form
*unlimited beast-form transformations per day
*turn and turn back by beast-form talent (need: Werewolf Loot mod by opensource634)

Werewolf Loot mod by opensource634

0)Copy "wereControl.esp" and scripts directory into your Skyrim/Data/ directory
1)Activate addon in the skyrim data-files menu (must be loaded after WW-Loot)

How to transform back:
open character menu
--> magic
---> powers
----> choose "beast form"
cast "beast form"

Technical Notes:
unlimited time:
--- modified PlayerWerewolfQuest - modified PlayerWerewolfQuestScript property: Untimed = true
unlimited beast-form:
--- modified WerewolfChange Spell: type = Lesser Power
turn and turn back:
--- modified WerewolfChangeEffectScript - added WerewolfBeastRace check before transformation
--- modified WerewolfChangeEffect magic effect - added WerewolfChangeEffectScript property: WerewolfBeastRace

Special Thanks:
Thanks opensource634 for his extremely useful Werewolf Loot mod, it's really nice to be ww now)