Kawaii Face Presets by Ghost
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Added: 18/04/2012 - 06:28PM
Updated: 05/09/2013 - 07:58PM

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Do you know the meaning of the Kawaii?

This is a mod to change the default preset.

3 presets to change the type of races four of the Breton,Imperial,Nord and Redguard.
How it changes, please refer to my images.
But eyes and hair no change,using default to Kawaii Face Presets.

Kawaii means cute or pretty is that :)

-Recommended mod-

RANs Tweaked FaceMenu by RAN46
(Changed the angle of the eye using this mod.)

RANs HeadMesh Variants
(Type B is used in all my images.)

Download at NMM,and install using NMM.
unzip file,copy the data folder in the esp file.
and check the Kawaii Face Presets esp using with SkyrimLauncher.

uncheck other face preset esp or set this esp after other face preset esp.

ver.1.1 add Breton,Imperial,Nord and Redguard's preset #4

univision Face by DD AKT

Oriental beauty Women and Man mod by Radioragae

Better Females by Bella by BellaGail

The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot

Improved Eyes Skyrim - UPDATED by missjennabee

These mods that are used in my images.

Please visit my blog if you want to see more images.

My Skyrim blog(Contains adult content. Japanese only)

Many thanks
Gabriel Mailhot