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This mod adds the Apachii Hair styles onto nearly all of the NPC\'s in the game. Humans, Bretons, Elves. All variations of Elves. Both sexes of all races, vampire forms as well.

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ApachiiSkyHair NPC Overhaul Official Release official release

Tired of being the only character in your game world that has beautiful realistic looking hair? Look no further! This mod takes ApachiiSkyHair and equips it all NPC's throughout the game world. Including all Elven races, Imperials, Nords and Bretons. Both males and females of all races as well as vampire forms of each race!


17 realistic male hairstyles 30 realistic female hairstyles 2 different ESP files one for Eleves, one for Humans forms. Black facebug\color mismatch fix.


First: be sure you have the latest Apachii 1.2 update. You can download it here on the Neuxs, a link is provided at the bottom.

Second: Download the main file of my mod, and extract it's contents to your DATA folder. Make sure both ESP files are now present in the data folder.

Third: If you're having problems with a black face bug, or color mismatch please download the meshes I have included which will fix your issues. Once downloaded, extract it's contents to your DATA folder. If you're uncomfortable with doing so, then do the fix manually yourself as I have also provided a readme here on the Nexus which will create the mesh files necessary. Just follow the instructions in the readme.

Are you someone who is unhappy with a specific character whose hair I have changed? Check out the spoken video I made detailing how to change a certain characters hair. You will be guided step by step.


ApachiiSkyHair 1.2 or above


Sharpshooters Extreme Graphic Vision ENB

Better Females By Bella

Better Males Younger Faces Merged with Men by Geonox

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm getting a color mismatch\Black face bug. How can I fix it? I uploaded some mesh files for users experiencing this problem. Please download those. If that doesn't work, you can read the readme that I placed here on the Nexus. If you're using UNP's body mod I haven't discovered how to fix it yet. This is working 100% with CBBE's body mod, please use that instead. It's better anyway if you ask me.

I can't find the readme, where is it located? I did not include it in the files because most people use NMM, and it is advised to use NMM to install this. So instead, I placed it here on the Nexus. Click on the tab that looks like a gear, and a magical readme will appear! It's crazy, really!

I'm using UFO, and getting a CTD, what do I do? You need to place my mod below UFO, the farther down the better.

I don't like the way so and so looks with this mod, but like everyone else. How can I fix it? It's your lucky day, seems that I created a video for a scenario just like that one! I even talk in it, to help you navigate through the CreationKit easier! Check it out, and fix them up, it's simple!

Can you change the hair for me? I'd prefer you did it yourself as it's tedious to do it for everyone that doesn't want to look at the video. If for some reason you cannot do it for yourself(whatever the reason may be), perhaps if I get time I'll do it for you.

I don't like this mod I personally don't care if you don't like it. I didn't make it for people to tell me it broke the games immersion, or makes men look like fabio. Yes, this is a glamarous mod, not for the faint of heart. Don't like it? I don't need to hear about it, just uninstall it please. Plenty of users hers do like it, and this is for them. So lets not comment about thinking men should have short hair(even though plenty of them still do). That's all I ask. Thank you!

Thanks to Apachii for making the hairstyles and helping to get the black bug\color mismatch sorted out
Thanks to Myrmaad for helping get this whole thing going
Thanks to Sharpshooter for making his ENB, and making me want to do this.