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For ENBSeries v121212.

Permissions and credits
v3.0 - New version made for ENBSeries v121212. Added SSAO. SMAA is also added, as v121212 disables hardware anti-aliasing.
v2.2 - Added sunlight rays (ENB 0.113). Lights at night are slightly brighter.
v2.1 - Darker nights, slightly darker interiors, red haze in dungeons is corrected
v2.0 - Configured for ENB 0.112 KAGE.
v1.1 - Brighter nights and interiors, Matso's latest DOF version with subtle grain, minor tweaks.

  • Download ENBSeries v121212 for TES Skyrim.
  • Extract the file d3d9.dll to your Skyrim main folder (same as TESV.exe).
  • Install Fimbulvinter ENB settings by manually copying the files to you Skyrim main folder.
  • Make sure that bFloatPointRenderTarget is set to 1 in SkyrimPrefs.ini.
  • Put the in-game brightness slider to the middle position.
  • Use shift+F12 to turn the ENB on or off in-game.

Depth of field effect
The DOF effect is enabled by default. To disable it, either:
  • Use the ENB SSAO and DoF Toggler which let's you use a hotkey to turn the DOF effect on or off in-game.
  • Open enbseries.ini and change EnableDepthOfField=true to EnableDepthOfField=false.

Enhanced Lights and FX
Dark Dungeons for ENB
Wearable Lanterns


Boris Vorontsov for ENBSeries.
HeliosDoubleSix for his Cinematic Lighting ENB which was the base for this ENB.
Matso for the depth of field effect.