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Quite simply increases the campfire radius by x1.5, x2.0 or x4.0

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It always somewhat bothered me that the giant campfires in Skyrim were so weak compared to the real bonfires. This modification will simply increase the campfire radius by x1.5, x2.0 or x4.0, so that the campfires will give slightly more light, somewhat more light or quite a lot more light.

Please note that the screenshots were taken with a typical ENB setup. The end result will vary depending on the post-processing and image enhancing used.

Also features darker campfires as an optional download as well as compatibility patches for snfkin's great mod Dynamic Giant Campfires.


Copy the included ESP file into the Skyrim data folder. If you don't know where your Skyrim data folder is located, click right mouse button on the Skyrim shortcut and select Open file location. A Windows Explorer window will open showing Skyrim folder, in which you will find a folder labelled Data.

Run the Skyrim launcher and make sure the ESP file is activated in Data Files.


No issues known, but take no chances and backup your saves before testing.