Vashira the Crimson Flash khajiit partner by Coolster
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Added: 16/04/2012 - 09:24PM
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Last updated at 17:38, 18 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 21:24, 16 Apr 2012

Based on Vashira the blood flash this npc is the final texture updated version

This add a unique companion khajiit women in riften named Vashira shes a skilled sneaker and favor dual wielding blades she start with a redguard suit as well as a pair of scimitar and is marriable without problem. She use the femaleyoungeager voice set

Vashira use the combatassasin skill set and has the fellowing perk

All the stealth perk in the game (including silence trapignore silent roll sneak bonus assasin blade and off course muffled movement)
both dual wield perk
armsman (rank 40)
savage blow (yea the crazy housecat can decapitate peoples)

Vashira may or not may use the elemental fury shout (this is still in progress in the lab)

she level up at the same pace as the companion of the circle and start with the same health amount as the player

The instalation guide for the newbies:
Simply put all of these into your skyrim data folder then press ok to overwrite skyrim should be in your steam folder under steamapps inside of your program files