Fasele Solirsk Breton Spellsword Follower by Edg3
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Fasele Solirsk Breton Spellsword Follower

This mod adds a Breton Spellsword to the game, she resides in the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth. I plan on giving her a follower quest soon, but for now all you need to do is speak to her.


She may not look like much but she wields the elements as well as she wields a sword. She is a force to be reckoned with, wielding a sword, heavy armor and the power of fire and lightning, her opponents stand little chance. What she lacks in speed she makes up for in range and pure destructive power. She has dedicated her life to the Goddess Dibella and traveled from High-Rock to worship at the Temple of Dibella upon hearing from her half-sister Senna who is the priestess there. She is not the run of the mill Spellsword, choosing Destruction over Illusion or Alteration. Born into a wealthy merchant family her father had her trained by the court wizard who specialized in Destruction Magics.

Her basic stats revolve around these :
1 Headed Weapons
Heavy Armor
Destruction and Restoration magics

Magic :
Flame Hand
Lightning Bolt

---Combat Style---

She will fight from ranged but will move in to engage in melee combat, using Flame Hand and Healing during these encounters. Her ranged abilities should weapons enemies enough for her to have little to no trouble when it comes to melee combat. She may fall if surrounded by 3-4 enemies but with her healing ability will be back in the fight quickly.

---Notes & Issues---
I would recommend Younger Bretons by Psyke23 for the younger looking Breton face. This should be installed over XCE mods. It can be gotten here:
Younger Bretons by Psyke23

I have extensively tested her for nearly 4 hours ingame, tweaking and changing as I went. Her scripting will have her return to the Silver-Blood Inn when dismissed. She is flagged as essential also. There is a minor issue (not my fault but Bethesdas) where she will often start blocking and continue to do so while weapons are drawn. There are 2 ways to fix this.
(1) hit the tilde button and click on her, they type "resurrect" without the inverted commas. This will reset her and her inventory to remove anything you want and should fix the issue.
(2) if the above doesnt work, hand her a 2 handed weapon, any kind will do, this often breaks the cycle and will fix the issue. This is a bug in the game and nothing I can fix. It seems to be a problem with any follower who uses a 1h weapon and magic and I cant explain it. But the above 2 solutions should fix it.

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