Nordic Spears by P3dr0 aka Issae
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: As I'm creating my company and tend to lack of personnal time, I won't be working on my mods anymore. Anyhow that doesn't mean I won't be looking at my inbox on this website.
If you want to use my mod as a ressource please send me a message for me to grant you the authorisation to do so.. In some way it will help me to track the use of my mod and maybe offer some help if I return some day.

Nordic Spears (by P3dr0)


Adds spears to skyrim.
Custom HD textures and models.

These weapons have a slightly longer reach, speed and critical stats than other 2H weapons.
Their base damage is between battleaxes and warhammers. nothing too overpowered.

Player Character and NPCs currently wield these as battleaxes and the weapons benefit from the 2H/battleaxes perks too.

They can be crafted and tempered at any forge with simple components (ingots, wood and leather strips).
I'd also like to add them to bandits and hunters through leveled lists but I've got no idea of how to do that...
Crafting them requires appropriate smithing perks.

For now the mod includes the following :
# Iron
# Steel
# Orcish

I'm currently Working on the dwemer one and I'll most likely add Elven, Glass, Ebony and Daedric spears later.

Want to throw these ? Take a look at Madrilous' mod wich include my model as throwable weapons
(install both mods if you want to swing and throw playstyles)


04/16/12 :
- 1st version


# They do not fit on weapon racks


# Bethesda - Skyrim and it's assets


# GAME OF THRONES - House shields :

Feel free to give me feedback either on the mod or on its description.
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