Ultimate Mage Summon by flexable_kodzzz
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Summons 3 Arch Wizards
They have the power to summon themselfs, they also make enemys attack there friends and at the same time burns them for 7 dmg per second, they also have the power to drain your life.
the spell to summon him is aquired via console:
player.addspell 42000d6b
He has
750 Health
10000 Magicka
1000 Stamina
The Optional file is a much stronger and more powrful version of the arch wizard called Arch Warlock, WARNING-He is UBER OP, His main spell is a fireball that:
-Drains health and gives it to the caster (the Warlock)
-Burns the victum
-Nocks the victum flying
-Makes the enemy Frenzy and attacks friends and foes
His second spell is:
A Massive Ice storm
-It nocks targets down
-Crowd Controls the enemy
And Like the Arch Wizard (weaker mage) Can dupelicate himself
And on Main cast (the main warlock you summoned not the ones hecloned) 3 Powerful wolves will spawn with him to take the hits so he gets enough time to clone himself
The console command to add the spell is
player.addspell 44000D64
Remember Main file (summon Arch Wizard) must be installed for the optional file (summon Arch Warlock) to work