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Read it long time ago, forget it and now, reading it again, i thought it was a good practice for myself.

Allen Sword of Exorcism and LaviĀ“s Anti Akuma weapon. Allens sword is 1hand, 16 dmg , lavis is a greatsword atm, 28dmg, had probs with it, will change to a warhammer later. Can be found under the stairs next to the inn in a barrel.

Both are craftable, can be enchanted and upgraded. steel and silver smithing.

any suggestion about dmg and size are welcome :)

Textures get some love, modeling was my maintarget.


Extract Into Skyrim\data
Activate .esp file via Launcher


Delete folder
and in Skyrim\Data the dgreyman.esp

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Armed to the Teeth - Custom Weapons

Credits to

Katsura Hoshino for making D-Grayman
Bethesda Softworks