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The Archmage Shalidor was well known for his spell Shalidor's Mirror, which he used to reflect an offensive spell back to the caster. Some other scholars speculate that Shalidor, after the Battle with the Rourken Clan, tried his best to find the exact magical effect of the Spellbreaker, from his research Shalidor's Mirror was born.


Adds a Ward spell that reflects spells and arrows that hits it. You can find the spell tome in the Arch-Mage's Quarter, next to the wardrobe. Also affects the ward created by Spellbreaker. Version 1.0 and 1.1 are lore friendly.

- The spell is actually named "Shalidor's Mirror".
- Spells and arrows are reflected towards where your crosshair is pointing.
- Spellbreaker does not reflect arrows.
- Spellbreaker absorbs less damage than the Ward. This is to avoid mod-conflicts.
- Reflected spells benefit from Fortify Destruction Magnitude-effects, such as the Augmented Frost/Fire/Shock-perks.
- All Shouts, including dragon breaths, can be reflected (though breaths are likely to shatter the ward).
- Enemy arrows deal 10% damage while the ward is up. This is to balance out the fact that arrows cannot break the ward.
- Reflected arrows does not benefit from the attackers bow-damage.
- Arrows sometimes gets stuck to your body.
- Attempting to pick up reflected arrows may cause a game crash.
- There is a small delay before a reflected arrow is fired.
- Arrows and spells are handled differently by the game, and that's why arrow-reflecting is buggy.



drop contents into skyrim-folder
Use the Steam version.

Remove reflectiveward.esp from your data-folder and remove _reflectiveward.pex from your data/scripts-folder.


Version 1.2
- Ward now reflects arrows.

Version 1.1
- Added Spellbreaker support

Version 1.0
- Initial release