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Idle animations based on castanic and highelf female idle of TERA online. I am not an expert so i tried to make only the base pose similar.

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I just wanna say sorry to anyone who had a question in the past year I totally abandoned my mod and I am not planning to update in in the near future.

I just started to replay skyrim once more and still using my Idle and it seems it is still working :) so I hope someone else still happy with it.

Have fun!


Added a new version Castanistic idle v 0.7 with better motion


Updated the HighElf Style Idle to v 0.6 and I added a new dual wield idle animation replacer (phnx style) It was a request. You can find it under Miscellaneous. Have fun!


I uploaded a new idle requested by a nexus member (Phnx).


Added a requested optional version of the Highelf style v05 with with new feet angle (heels on the ground).


Added Optianal (modified/smoother) version of v0.6

Sorry if you are confused because of the lot of versions but at least you have more option to try :)


Added a new version of my Castanistic idle v0.6


I uploaded a new idle (requested) I tried to make similar pose as the high elf female of Tera.

Have fun!


I added an optional version with less extreme hip/waist bends.

I made an idle animation for my female character inspired by the castanic female idle of TERA online. I am happy with the result so i decided to share. I am not an expert so i tried to make only the base pose similar. ...

This is my first mod maybe in the future i will tweak it a bit.
I haven't been testing it so long so its kinda beta, but i don't think a simple idle animation can cause any trouble, maybe there will be some odd looks with clothes at the left thing because of the bends and the weights of the models.




--Manual Installation--
unpack the file to your skyrim folder :

--Manual Uninstall--

Just delete the mt_idle.hkx from the directory listed below.

directory structure:
"skyrim folder name"\data\meshes\actors\character\animation\female\mt_idle.hkx

Recommended animation mods:

Feminine Running and New Dash Animation by xp32

Victorias High Heel walk Animation by xp32

PC Exclusive Animation Path by Raestloz (it makes the custom animations player exclusive but maybe it has some issue + you have to install anim mods manually if you use it)





--Preview picture Credits--

DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99

Silverlight Armor for DIMONIZED UNP Body by Falridorian

Neo Oriental Dress v1_20 CBBE UNP by Neovinci aka Meister

Velvec Outfit - UNP by anano

Osare KneeSocks - UNP by anano

Ashara Dimonized Dress and Dragon jewelry - UNP - Sundracon by SydneyB

"Lady Bat" Gloves and boots ( i don't have the link it is not on nexus)