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  1. HiAlgoBoost
    • member
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    HiAlgo Boost - Double the Gaming Power of your PC
    Supports multiple games, ENB, etc.

    [size=7]CHANGE OF VENUE[/size]
    Dear Gamers!
    We - the HiAlgo Team - are getting
    We do not have enough bandwidth to support several forums

    Please post your TECHNICAL questions
    (or any other questions) HERE:

    [size=7]HiAlgo BOOST Forum
    It is 100% free, no strings attached, and we DO NOT share your info with anybody
    There you will have much better chance to get prompt response.

    Dear Gamers, we need your help!
    Please share our promo video on your favorite gaming forums, social networks and friends communities! Thanks in advance.

    Note 1: For SKSE you need to run HiAlgoBoost.exe as an administrator.
    Note 2: To hide the resolution indicator press Shift-F10, to hide the FPS counter press Ctrl-Shift-F12.
    Note 3: Red square in the upper-left corner indicates that BOOST detected some problems. Detailed error messages are in HiAlgoBoost.log file.

    Also, some compatibility suggestion for ENB-based mods:
    1) In enblocal.ini set FixLag=false - BOOST takes care of all the lags, and this ENB's mechanism doesn't play well with BOOST's...
    2) In enbseries.ini set EnableDetailedShadow=false and ShadowQualityFix=false
    ==> this disables the "dithered shadows" effect, which is incompatible with resolution scaling.

  2. Dazta3
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    Staying clear of this one.. ill just put up with a bit of stuttering here and there its all good. Got about 300 mods installed, some with high textures and scripts so i guess thats what is expected anyway.
  3. zlopez
    • member
    • 374 posts
    • 1 kudos
    can this work with fallout 4
  4. tarcisiommota
    • member
    • 3 posts
    • 0 kudos
    It's worked for me... My FPS was 22 go to 60/50... Its amazing!
  5. Matermatuta
    • member
    • 21 posts
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    Does not work for me as well. It dropped my fps to around 15s from 30s.
  6. Pickelsturn
    • member
    • 210 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Does not work for me, not with Oldrim not with SSE
  7. Evarne
    • member
    • 16 posts
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    Didn't do anything for me, sadly. It actually drops my FPS. So I tried uninstalling and... there is this "hook" that's unremovable. What's this all about?
    1. VValentour
      • member
      • 410 posts
      • 8 kudos
      Malware/ Adware
  8. ramilow
    • member
    • 33 posts
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    Hilda shows me that I have only a few FPS more. Still I normally only have an average of 15 FPS. I'm playing on average requirements. I don't see the modification giving an improvement in FPS.
  9. AnimeNoireChan
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Installing this boost infects on my browser which opens a random website that is unsecured.
    Sorry but no thanks for this boost.
  10. hungzoo
    • member
    • 18 posts
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    1, I don't know about others, I just install from homepage, and It's is a stand alone program, not add or inject anything to my Skyrim folder. When I don't want to use it, just uninstall.
    2, It's just awesome, really, I got double the fps when moving camera (from 30 to 60). But the graphic is significantly worse. Any setting available to balance between quality and performance?
  11. cam5d
    • supporter
    • 83 posts
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    A big thanks to all the guys that added comments about uninstallation problems! There's nothing I value more than STRAIGHTFORWARD clean uninstallation, second to no other feature! Your information was invaluable!