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This is a Combined .esp file of all my released mods except Bow of the Dark0ne for Skyrim as of 07-014-2020

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  • Polish
Readthis for Nicoroshi Creations v1_6a

Reason for this mod:

It was requested of me to create a single .esp file with all my weapons in it.

I'm still listening :)

Great tool and resource since the first combined Nicoroshi Creations of 2012 called MergePlugins by Matortheeternal.

This little tool made my life super simple. Thank you Mator I endorsed your excellent tool

I was able to combine all my released mods except Bow of the Dark0ne. That one will have to be stand alone, and that's kind of fitting don't ya think?

What this mod does:

This mod combines:

Dreadweave axes
Nico's Gift
Nico's Scimitars
Obsidian Axe
The Talon of Akatosh
The Bow of the Drow
For the Brotherhood Daggers
Nicos Raven Swords
Drizzt Swords
Nicos Craftable arrows
Tauriels Bow and arrows
Tauriels Daggers
The Sword of Thranduil
Lothlorien Bow
Quinga Bow
SpiritFoxy Blade
Kynareth Archery

Where are they:

Please see the enclosed seperate readthis files for each mod that is included for the locations within the game.

They are the same as the individual releases.

All items are craftable as well with the correct smithing perk.

Known issues:

If you had one or more of my single releases, and are upgrading to this combined .esp you will lose all of the items you have obtained when you deactivate the single release.

My suggestion if you want to keep enchanted or improved items from the single release is to leave that single release activated.

Adding this in on top of it will double up the weapons (i.e. there will be a second set where you found the first) but should not conflict.

Version history:

1.0 Initial release 4-13-12

1.1 Added 'For the Brotherhood daggers', and updated model for the Doomshard bow to v1.1  4-30-12

1.2 Added 'Nicos Raven Swords' to the mod 6-20-12

1.3 Added Drizzt Swords, Nicos Craftable arrows, Tauriels Bow and Arrows, Tauriels Daggers, The Sword of Thranduil 5-26-2020

1.4 Removed test objects from fireplace at Sleeping Giant Inn. Updated readthis file to exclude Bow of the Dark0ne which is not included in this mod.

1.5 Added Lothlorien Bow

1.6 Added Quinga Bow, Kynareth Archery, and SpiritFoxy Blade 7_14_2020

1.6a repaired files for non glow mapped version.


Please see the individual release readthis files for the credits.


All resources added by this mod are to stay specific to this mod.

It may be translated into other languages but needs to remain specific to this mod, and must include the original readthis file(s).

Author's Note:

Sadly my wife that this mod was dedicated to lost her battle with cancer in 2015.

She was very tolerant of my modding obsession, and even voice acted for an Oblivion mod I worked on called Arrows of the Ayleid King.

May she rest in peace.

That being said don't feel bad for me. Life happens, and so does death. I have remarried and am enjoying the life I was given.

I hope the community continues to enjoy these for many years after my time comes.

That thought brings a smile to my face. :)