Narquelion - Antique Elven Bow by Artisanix
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Added: 14/04/2012 - 12:33AM
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(Antique Elven Bow)


Adds antique elven bow to the game (new mesh + new texture).

It has all stats like Elven Bow, but the damage which is like that of an Ebony Bow. It can be upgraded as well (elven smithing perk required) and has no any enchantments.

You can find it in Autumnwatch Tower (if you have no idea where this place is then just search page for any info about its location).


» Copy NarquelionBow.bsa, and NarquelionBow.esp files to "Skyrim\Data" folder
(default path from Steam's main folder is: Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data).

» In Skyrim Launcher choose "Data Files" and make sure that checkbox near NarquelionBow.esp is selected.

» Start the game and load your any save - go to Autumnwatch Tower to discover it.
And if you aren't of an adventurer type and want to obtain the bow quickly just execute in game's console the following command:

startquest axElegantElvenBowQuest

and the bow shoud be added to your character's inventory.


» Delete the same files you copied previously during the installation proccess.

Known Issues / Compatibility:

This mod adds only a new stuff. It doesn't overwrite or change anything from the original game thus incompatibility with other mods has been reduced to minimum.