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Plants you can harvest - Modders\' Resource

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---IMPORTANT: First I want to apologize to everyone for going awol for awhile there. I'm trying to finish up writing a book I have to turn in to my publisher by the end of this year, and something that I thought would only take me a month or so to finish is taking much longer. Or well, shorter. My publisher decided that it'd be better to cut the current book into two novels instead of just one big one, so have to do a lot of rewriting when it comes to the end of the first book and the beginning of the second.

And unfortunately I'm still not done with all the editing, so me making more plants and completing requests for other objects I've been getting via PM will have to continue to be put on hold. Not indefinitely, mind. Just for now.

Once again I apologize, I truly didn't expect my hiatus from the modding world to take this long.---

Now onwards to what this mod is actually about....

A variety of plants that are free to use in your own mod, if you are not content with what the CK gives you. Most of these plants have a pre and pro-harvested state, along with a custom ingredient mesh for the more unusually shaped flora.

Please note that if you decided to install your game in a non-default location or your computer is in another language, to get these to work you will need to do an additional step: Open each .nif with a program like NifSkope and go to BSShaderTextureSet, right click on the texture file paths and select Texture --> Choose, then go to where ever you placed your texture folder in Skyrim Data, picking the texture that came with the corresponding nif.

Am willing to take requests, but you'll need at least two other people to post about also wanting the same plant -- there's no point in me creating a plant if only one person is going to use it. I'll be making these in rounds until I either ocd from plant creation or nobody seems interested, with just initially releasing Round 1.

Round 1:
Red and Green Apple Trees
Trama Root
Blueberry Bush
Carrot Plant
Garlic Plant
Ash Yam
Wheat Plant

Round 2:
More coming soon....

List of Requested Plants that are Not Done Yet:
All Oblivion plants: 1111
Bloodmoon/Tribunal Expansion Pack plants: 11111
All Morrowind plants: 1111
All Daggerfall plants: 11
Abelia: 1
Ampoule Pod/Coda Flower: 1
Azalea: 1
Beans: 1
Beautyberry: 1
Belladonna: 11
Bonsai: 1
Bulrush: 1
Butterfly Bush: 1
Camellia: 1
Creeping Plumbago: 1
Cherry Blossom: 1
Chrysanthemum: 1
Climbing Rose: 1
Day Lily: 1
Gaiety: 1
Ginger: 11
Grapes: 1
Ginkgo tree: 1
Gold Flame Honeysuckle: 1
Holly Bush: 1
Hydrangea: 1
Iris: 1
Ironwood tree: 111
Japanese Plum: 1
Japanese Quince: 1
Japanese Maple: 1
Jasmine: 1
Lady's Mantle: 11
Lady's Smock: 11
Lettuce: 11
Lesser blood grass: 1
Lily- of-the-Valley: 1
Long swamp grass: 1
Mimosa: 1
Monkeygrass: 1
Morning Glory: 11
Mushrooms: 1111
Onion plant: 11
Orange Tree: 1
Peony flower: 1
Phlox: 1
Pine tree /w pine cone: 1
Primrose: 11
Pumpkin plant: 1111
Purple Saxifrage: 11
Radish: 1
Redwort Flower: 11
Rose Bush: 111
Rowan tree: 11
Somnalius Frond: 11
Tomato: 111
Watermelon: 111
Wild Angelica: 1
Wisteria: 11
Wolfbane: 11
Wormwood: 11

Recommended Alternative Ingredients:
--Ingredients of Tamriel, by Nedius: