Better Leveling Merchants and Speechcraft by eagledude4
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Added: 13/04/2012 - 10:36PM
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Last updated at 3:57, 15 May 2012 Uploaded at 22:36, 13 Apr 2012

Better Leveling Merchants and Speehcraft is a modification of girlsgonemild's "Leveling Merchant's Wallets" which gives some merchants an increased amount of gold based on your character's level.

The Original mod can be found Here.


My modifications:
  • Gives increased gold to all fences
  • Removes trading related Speechcraft perks
  • Removes vanilla fence gold increments
  • Modified Speechcraft perk tree

The Persuasion Perk is EXPERIMENTAL/u]

[u]Future Updates:

  • More merchants
  • More Speechcraft perks

The 30k issue is not an issue with my mod. The issue can be found in vanilla skyrim as well. I am currently deleting the last merchant level (the one that brings them to 30k gold) as a temporary fix to the issue, until bethesda fixes the problem.

That being said, it is still possible for a merchant to reach over 30k gold, and the bug to still be present, so just avoid giving them that much gold in the mean time.

Please endorse my mod if you enjoyed it, and please post any comments/suggestions to help me make it even better!


Better Leveling Merchants and Speechcraft is also on the Skyrim Workshop Here.

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