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The Ultimate Mage -

This file has all Perks, Level 300, 1000000000 gold, and a skeleton key (unbreakable lock pick), and max health, stamina, and magika, all Dragonscale Armor, and Daedric Armor.

It has spell books that will you need to learn when you do the file. I did not use PSB cheat because it gives you spells and shouts that you can not use. If you want them then use at your own risk.

There is no weapons with the file for the pure sake that its a Mage build and you wont need them. If you find that you want weapons then you can use the soulbound weapons or make them.

I provided 5 Ebony Ingot so you can make the armor Legendary at any forge.

For the ultimate mage character for which ever way you want to go. Just add the file to the skryim install folder (not the data folder)

\\**// INSTALLATION \\**//
move file mage to skyrim folder not Data folder

when in game open command prompt by press ~ which is located under the ESC key.
type bat mage
press ~ to close and watch the magic :D

Copyright - Skoty