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The daughter of an Imperial man and a Dunmer woman; Tallis is a lady of cultural diversity even though neither of her parents' cultures fully accept her. She hold the beliefs of peace and goodwill taught by her mother just as highly as the dual weapon fighting style taught by her Imperial Guard father. She understands the faults of both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks as her chosen home of ice and snow grows weary of civil war...and she hopes that eventually all races of Tamriel can work together for a brighter future and mend the wounds of past aggressions.

Tallis is a dual wield melee fighter that possesses the racial special of an Imperial and a Dunmer. Her only known spell is Heal Other, and she should apply her mana to using it on you when you need it (the AI in Skyrim can be twitchy as we all know, but in my testing of her she healed on a fairly reliable basis).

Her skills lie in one-handed, light armor, heavy armor (secondary to light armor), and minors in archery (just in case she needs ranged combat in certain situations). The perks she has revolve around light & heavy armor, one-handed, and the dual wield perks therein. She will level with you (she scales from level 8 to level 80), and she can be married.

You can find her inside Candlehearth Hall of Windhelm.

Like all of my other companion mods; Tallis will loiter around in the area that you dismiss her once you tell her you want to part ways (drop her as a companion). So if you can't find her after you ask her to leave your service make sure to go back to where you left her. I set her AI up this way so that you can leave her in a convenient place and she won't wonder off (you can also have her stay behind in one of your houses until you want her to tag along with you again). Remember that ALL of my companion mods have this feature.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod must have the following mod in order to work correctly:

:::Apachii Sky Hair:::
If you have issues with hair colors turning dark when near light sources; download teh vanilla hair option on Apachii's page and that should fix the issue.

Manual Installation:
Place the zip file's contents into your Skyrim/data folder to install and be sure to activate the ESP and ESM files in your Data Files listing. Ensure that the Apachii Sky Hair ESP and ESM are ABOVE Tallis' data files in your load order (I'd recommend placing Tallis' files dead last in the load order so there are no conflicts).

Recommended (but not required) mods to get her as she appears in the screen shots:

Featured outfit: Remodeled Armor CBBEv3 (Remodeled Glass Armor)

CBBE V3 (standard body) and the hip texture compatability pack:

Bella's Better Females version 3:

Cover Eyes (eyes 1 file):

Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE V2 Armor Set:

Special thanks to Blackie for his CM New Companions mod that includes a top-notch detailed tutorial on how to create Skyrim companions without the face discoloration bug. Get his mod and tutorial (contained in the mod) here:

The work around I found for the bug with Bella's face mod (the bug involving women looking like they have faint beard stubble on their jawline and chin) is to use the standard Better Faces Version 3, and then apply the "No Shine" option available on her mod page.

Special note: All of my future companions after Divada, Taja, Viin, and Kyia will be made using the Better Females by Bella mod. I switched to another mod set for faces previously due to a bug I couldn't resolve (the issue with females having faint male beard stubble on their faces while using Bella's). I have resolved that issue, so I'll be going back to Bella's for my projects from now on. You DO NOT have to switch to Bella's if you use Envision faces and RANs Headmesh (what I used previously) OR if you use other face mods. All of my companions should work with other face/body mods and vanilla setups unless specifically mentioned in the description.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy taking Tallis with you on your adventures.

I recommend a manual install of this mod (read me included in the zip file). Install with Nexus Mod Manager at your own risk.

The ENB I use (which is why there's a difference in screen shots as opposed to previous companion releases) is Cinematic Lighting ENB which you can check out here:

Remember to endorse files from the Nexus if you like's a small notion of thanks that all modders appreciate. Thanks for taking the time to look over my mods and I hope you enjoy them.

Note to other modders: Feel free to use any of my companions to compliment/show off your mods if you like my work. If you have custom armor or weapons, feel free to use any of my companions to model them for you. I'm a firm believer that modders working together equals more mods for all of us to enjoy.