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Last updated at 5:50, 2 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 1:37, 13 Apr 2012


The main objective of this mod is to completely mute all sounds that are part of the Skyrim User Interface. It is conveniently designed to mute all sounds of the interface, or you can choose between different parts of the interface to silence.
Why would anyone want to silence the Skyrim User Interface? Will wonder some people. Some will want to do it for the "immersion effect". I personally do this for two reasons. First, over time, some sounds become tiresome and annoying. And secondly, but more importantly for me, as a matter of performance of the game on my computer. My computer is not high end, or latest generation and I do not have a dedicated soundcard. Every time I was browsing the Items menu, I could feel how the cursor did a stop at every item as I passed the mouse over them. Was something almost imperceptible but at the same time it bothered me a lot. It was then that I remembered that in Oblivion I have done the same thing with the user interface, and this time I decided to share it in Nexus.

Update procedure

Uninstall/Deactivate/Delete the old version of this mod and then install the new version.


There are three different installation options in the same package.

Wrye Bash Installation

1- Download the Mod and copy it to your Bash Installers folder.
2- Select the mod in the Installers tab of Wrye Bash, select the sub-package/s you want to install and then install the mod. Or just right click on the installation package, select Wizard and follow the instructions.

Note: Each sub-package name refers to the portion of the interface to be silenced.

Nexus Mod Manager Installation

Just download the mod, enable it in the Mod Manager, select the parts of the interface you want to mute and clic in Finish.

Manual Installation

1- Unzip the downloaded file with WinRAR/7-Zip, or with any compressed file manager that you use.
2- Open each numbered folder and copy the folder called Sound inside the Data folder of your game. Normaly in: .../Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim/Data

Note: Each folder name refers to the portion of the interface to be silenced.

These options are available so far

001 Activate Fail Silencer (Is the sound heard when the Activate button is pressed (the E key by default in English versions Skyrim), when there is nothing to activate.)
002 Active-Inactive Quest In Journal Silencer (It's the sound you hear when you enable or disable a quest when you're in the Journal.)
003 Objetives Silencer (Sound heard when there is a new objetive for a quest.)
004 New-Update Quest Silencer (The sound you hear when you receive a new quest, or an update of a quest.)
005 Equip-Unequip Silencer (It's the sound you hear when a spell is equipped or unequipped. All other sounds to equip/unequip armors/clothes/weapons/etc, will continue to play.)
006 Level Up Silencer (The sound you hear when you gain a level.)
007 Map Silencer (Sounds you hear when viewing the map.)
008 Menu Items-Magic Silencer (Sounds heard by selecting the menu Items and/or Magic. These include the change of category, hovering mouse over items/spells, etc..)
009 Ok-Cancel Silencer (Sounds heard when selecting Yes/No in a confirmation menu.)
010 Shout Learn Silencer (Sound that is heard when a new Shout is learned.)
011 Skill Increase Silencer (Sound that is heard when a skill level has increased.)
012 Skills Menu Silencer (Sounds heard surfing the skills menu.)
013 Alchemy Silencer (These are the sounds you hear when you are in the alchemy station.)
014 Enchanting Silencer (These are the sounds you hear when you are in the enchanting station.)
015 Smithing Silencer (These are the sounds you hear when you are in the forge.)
016 Sneak Attack Silencer (Crystal clear. xD)
017 Buy-Sell Silencer (Mutes the sound of coins when buying or selling something.)
018 Discover Locations Silencer (These are the sounds you hear when a new location is discovered.)

101 Nighteye 50% Volume (Sound heard when Nighteye is activated/deactivated.)
101 Nighteye Silencer
102 Invisibility 50% Volume (Sound heard when the invisibility spell is activated/deactivated.)
102 Invisibility Silencer
103 Nirnroot 50% Volume (Crystal clear.)
103 Nirnroot Silencer
104 Potion Use 50% Volume (Sound heard when a potion is ingested.)
104 Potion Use Silencer
105 Poison Use 50% Volume (Sound heard when applying a poison to a weapon.)
105 Poison Use Silencer
106 Equip-Unequip Clothing 50% Volume (Sound heard when an outfit is equipped/unequiped. Includes light armor, clothing, rings and amulets.)
106 Equip-Unequip Clothing Silencer
107 Vampire Sunlight 50% Volume (Sound that is heard when a character who is a vampire is under the sunlight.)
107 Vampire Sunlight Silencer
108 Dogs Idle Barking 50% Volume (The barking that is heard when dogs are idle.)
108 Dogs Idle Barking Silencer

Requests and suggestions.

I'm open to any kind of suggestions, from "Can you add an option to mute X sound?" to "Hey, what you wrote is not understood, must be written in this way!".

-Regarding other sounds to mute. I personally use other sounds muted. For example, the sound it makes the enchantment Elemental Fury, after a few seconds with the weapon drawn, it started to bother like hell, so I killed it. xD

-Regarding how I write. English is not my native language (I speak Spanish, I'm from Argentina), so if you see that what I have written is wrong or not understood, do not hesitate to correct me.


This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies/change the UI sounds of Skyrim. More specifically in this location.


Wrye Bash Uninstallation

Right clic on the installer and select Uninstall.

Nexus Mod Manager Uninstallation

Deactivate the mod.

Manual Uninstallation

Just delete the files that have been manually copied to the Data folder. Use this mod package as a guide.


-Thanks to the Nexus sites, for providing this space for modders.
-Thanks to all the modders who create real works of art.
-Thanks to Bethesda for creating games that modders can improve. xD


When you download these files, are downloaded to YOUR computer. Do what you please with YOUR files.