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This Mod Adds Dwemer Jukeboxes and Radios across Tamriel! Find them, steal them, purchase them, they are scattered across the world for YOU to find! Import your own Music and have them Play it on Demand! It is also a Furniture Item that can be placed ANYWHERE in the world! You can also set it to play every time you enter your home! You now control

Permissions and credits

Customize Your Skyrim Sounds

The Wizards at the College of Winterhold have finally done it! After years of tinkering with a strange Dwemer device of unknown origins, they have managed to tune the magical frequencies just right! But what is this? The device seems to be picking up a strange Magical signal being broadcast...

They know not who is casting these Magics, but whoever it is seems to be broadcasting music THROUGH Magicka! And the Dwemer Device seems to pick up on these frequencies! The breakthrough is astounding! The College has since been selling the radios they get working to prospective merchants! The radios have already spread across Tamriel!

Obtain your treasure!

Purchase them! Steal them! Find them in ruins! The Dwemer Jukeboxes are in plentiful bounty! Obtain a number of radios, in a number of ways!

Currently there is one Jukebox in every Dwemer Ruin, hidden in the halls, abandoned, waiting to be found!

They can also be purchased from general merchants! Belethor's, Bits and Pieces, you get the idea!

They can be stolen from the homes of those fortunate enough to own them!

Once Obtained the Dwemer Radio is found in the food items!

YOU control Skyrim's Sounds!

Import your own music, and have it play on demand! No tracks play over it! No more combat music to drown out beautiful ambient!

Choose whatever Music YOU want! Classical! ROCK! D-D-D-Dubstep! NO ONE WILL JUDGE YOU. Except Sheogorath, he can Judge whatever he wills.

Its a furniture piece too!

Your Dwemer Radio is mechanical in nature! When placed in the world, the Radio unfolds into a Jukebox!

Don't like exactly how the Jukebox was placed? Rotate it about via the handy placement Menu!

You can set the Jukebox to play whenever you enter your home! Be welcomed home with whatever Music YOU choose!

The future of the mod!

I am in the process of recording an actual Radio Show for the mod. It will be

1. Lore Friendly (as lore friendly as possible anyway) by using several in game voices, edited into commercials and such.
2. Track your game progress. Much like GNR of Fallout, Example: Never touch the Theives Guild? Radio host comments on how they are struggling. You in the guild helping it rebuild? He comments on that. You Guildmaster now? He comments on that.

I'm a med student so I have, like, no time to do anything anymore. I finished the mod and started recording, but I want everyone to enjoy custom music. I also realize many would probably skip that version anyway and opt for the no radio show version (I HATE YOU). So I am uploading this one first for peeps to enjoy. When the show version is done, it will be up for optional download.

I PROMISE it will be worth downloading when it is done. SO DOWNLOAD IT WHEN IT IS DONE OR I WILL HOLD KITTENS HOSTAGE.

Like I said, there are THOUSANDS of sound files to sift through and pull ideas out from. So why don't you help and submit YOUR ideas for radio commercials using a combo of in-game audio and voice-acting! Be as eccentric in your suggestions as you like, if your idea is used you will be credited when the work is complete! Feel free to post your ideas on my mod comments page!


Italian Version.

Update procedures.

The mod now uses .xwm files instead of WAVS. This should solve that nasty CTD on "tune" a few users had, and improve game performance when selecting new tracks (it used to lag a teeny bit in between them :D). To update, simply

1. Install update as you see fit.
2. Download this encoder from this site
3. go to your skyradio folder if its still there
4. Rightclick and select all your tracks at once
5. Convert
6. Profit

If you have issues updating for some odd reason, follow the un-installation procedures.



1. Download
2. Extract Files to your Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim/Data folder using a program like Winrar/7zip (both free, and you SHOULD have them you PC user you.)
3. Choose your tracks, 100 is the limit but less is fine.
4. Download the MultiXwm encoder from this site, and convert all your songs to xwms! It CAN convert mp3s, or wavs.
5. Rename the tracks in numerical order like this:
n representing any number up to 100. The order does not matter, all songs will be played randomly from the selection of tracks provided.
6. Put the tracks in the Steam/Steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data/Music/skyradio folder!
7. Load Game up and have everything work fine and be happy.

See? It wasn't so bad. And the result? Awesome custom music for you to enjoy at the press of a button!

If you use NMM,

1. Install with NMM
2. Go to the Skyrim/Data/Music Folder (create it if you don't have it)
3. Create a folder named "skyradio"
4. follow steps 3-7 above.


Why (;__;)?

Well fine. IF you must know...

1. DON'T be tuned into the radio before you uninstall. Go place the radio someplace and go in another cell away from it or any other radios/jukeboxes.
2. Make a NEW (MANUAL) save game.
3. Exit Game, remove mod from load order.
4. Load old save and SAVE again.
5. Die a little inside.


If you have issues:

1. Make sure your game is up to date, the most recent patch has changed a few things about sound files. Older versions will most certainly have issue with this mod.
2. Try loading this as high as possible in your load order.
3. Make sure your sound files don't go above 70MBs. If they are, lower the quality and bit rate using the converter you used.
4. Use another converter. Some have better encoding methods than others.
5. Try changing Skyrim's audio bitrate. There was a bug at launch where several people's games would just CTD. Changing the audio bitrate solved it for many people, and you may just now be experiencing the same issue.
6. Pray to Talos

Update File?

Adds a new radio model and texture. Radio now havoks, and looks shiny. Thanks born2bkilled!

To install: Extract the files, and put them in your data folder.


None so far. Not even the Personlaized Music Mod here on Nexus.

I recommend that mod for the TOTAL CUSTOM MUSIC experience.

Known Issues?

The Radio is not Havoked, so if you drop it in the world it floats. BFD, don't drop it and use the placement menu.

Not an issue: The Game still ques some tracks to play, like discovery and level up tracks. When you stop listening to your radio it will play all these tracks. This is just cosmetic, the game doesn't save what music is playing so Save Game Bloat doesn't even occur, which would be the only problem that could occur from this. So this isn't even a problem, just weird.

That's it.


Thanks for the radio model and beta testing help born2bkilled. WOOP!

Xanins for the online converter link ~_~;


Why doesn't the music fade out over distance when placed someplace?

That is because it is still working through Music Tracks, not a Sound Marker. The difference? Music Tracks can't fade out, sound tracks can. Then why didn't I do just that? Because sounds are a lot buggier. Firstly there is a slight track limit of about 30 songs. It also made the game a slight bit more crash prone when entering and leaving the cell the sound was playing in. So I opted for the Music Track instead. More music and no crashy.

Why is it food?

Because I said so. That not good enough? Alright ~_~;

Because it is the best way to implement something like this. Misc Items script functions break when you remove items AS they are running scripts, so that was not possible. Equipment is another story, we won't go there for the time being.

Also, food item menu is usually the least cluttered I find, easier access. So there.

Where are my instructions?

Up Thar.

Where is werkshop versiun?


The Radeeo floats wut?

Don't drop it?

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