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DragonsReach Assassin Hideout Redesign
Version: 3.0
Date: 4/26/2012
Category: Homes
Author(s): ElDiabs Original Hideout -- Graevedigger on the Redesign

**********************************Shameless Plug... yes, this IS a popularity contest...********************
Don't Forget... If you enjoy the Dragonborn Assasin's Hideout, Endorse it so others will see it as well!!

Important Note: This mod requires the original DragonsReach Master .ESM File from Eldiabs original Hideout Mod to work. After installation, please ensure that you have both the Hideout .ESM and the redesigned .ESP both checked in your Mod Manager or Skyrim Launcher.

ElDiabs Original can be found at:

If you're updating from any of the older versions, pull your stuff out of the chests, bookshelves, and off the mannequins. Then do a clean save outside of the hideout before you upload 3.0. Some of the chests and mannequins are resetting on the upgrade for some folks... better safe then sorry.

Thanks to those whose work I unceremoniously hacked apart to get this mod on the street:
First off... The mod:
Proper thanks are in order to Eldiabs. He's the Master artisan who created the DragonReach Hideout mod in the first place... and then (either through a bout of temporary insanity, or just out of morbid curiosity) he allowed me to litter his masterpiece with a bunch of blood, skulls and dragons. You may know him from Dues Mons

Thanks go out to WillieSea -- The Creator of the Levelers Tower -- Longtime modder of exceptional talent, who was gracious enough to allow me to use his picture frames/models and some of his excellent textures.

The Sithis Runes are real translations done by LK666 (
His description: "the symbols along the edge spell out the first tenet of the Dark Brotherhood: "Never dishonor the Night Mother. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis." The inner symbols spiral clockwise from the right-most upper section: "Silence is the symphony of Sithis", a modified quote from Lucien Lachance."

And last... but certainly not least...The amazing Artwork...
Travistaatd is the artist who has graced us mortals with the creation of the works of art that you'll find in my mod. Please take the time to view his gallery for a glimpse into the mind of a true artist.
You can View his gallery at:


What is the Assassin's Hideout?
Why would I burn calories on this when there are so many other homes out there already?:

I was poking around the Nexus for something that fit my idea of where a Dragonborn, who has a taste for the macabre, might hang his/her dagger belt and ran across ElDiabs DragonReach Hideout (Assasin Version) which hit pretty close to the mark. However... the repressed assassin in me wanted a little more Sithis, and a lot more skulls, fire, blood and Dragons... So I cracked open the Creation Kit and got started...
This redesign is made purely to my personal tastes. I prefer small houses that have lots of storage, bookcases, manequins, and a creepy atmosphere. Mansions and castles are pretty to look at... but they ruin the overall experience for me.

Rooms: (Single Cell for efficiency)

Blacksmithing Cave -- contains everything you need to create whatever tools of the trade your blackened heart desires.
- Anvil
- Leather Tanning
- Armor Table
- Grinding Wheel
- Smelting Oven

Main Room -- Spacious, and comfortable semi-separated alcoves for plotting your next contract.
- 3 Manequins
- Weapon Racks with 23 Slots
- 6 Single Weapon display Plaques
- 6 Dual Weapon/Shield combo plaques
- Special Enchanting Table with Labeled Soul Stone boxes and two chests for disenchanting and blank storage
- Alchemy Table with labeled potion and poison ingredient satchels
- 4 Unlabeled Chests
- 5 Unlabeled "Small" Safes
- 1 Lockbox
- 3 Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves to hold up to 176 books
- Designer Stone Bed
- Throne for the Night Mother's Listener
- 2 Blessing Statues

Church Of Sithis-- Trophy room / Altar to the one who brought us all here in the first place.
- 18 Single Weapon Plaques (Plus one on the Altar)
- 18'ish Weapon Display racks
- 4 more Manequins
- 2 Unlabeled Chests & 1 Lockbox
- Altar to Sithis (only place daggers on the Altar...)

Some Great Mods that compliment the Assassin's hideout:
Unlimited Bookshelves Put just about anything into a bookshelf without cursing Havok to the nine hells.

Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix Can't stand it when your Mannequins start wandering around your house... then go here.


Nexus Mod Manager: Make your life a llittle easier... Use it and love it.

If you're stubborn, and prefer the manual method:
Download the files and extract to your skyrim directory (\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim)
1 . Start Launcher, Click 'Data Files', ensure you have a checkmark beside DragonsReach_Hideout .ESM file and the DragonsreachAssassinRedesign.esp file.

1. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esm .esp files.
2. Delete the .esm .esp files from (\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim)
3. Delete \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\data\meshes\graevedigger
4. Delete \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\data\textures\graevedigger


Known Issues or Bugs
1. No incompatibilities that I've been able to find in this version. If you see some, please let me know via PM or in the comments section.
2. If you place any weapon other than a dagger on the Sithis Altar, it will bounce out and disable the plaque until you reenter the cell. I could reposition the plaque... but what self respecting assassin would be caught placing anything OTHER than a dagger on the Dread Lord's altar in the first place.
3. Light flickers on and off in the Sithis Corridor when you get near it. No fucking idea how to fix this... and it bugs the hell out of me.

Version History

1.0, 2012/03/30 - Added Weapon racks, Dragons, Fire pits, misc decorations
1.1, 2012/04/10 - Fixed some of the Bookshelf problems (couple left), added some skull decorations
1.2, 2012/04/11 - Fixed the bookshelves with ElDiab's help.
1.3, 2012/04/12 - Made some decoration changes from the original, and fixed the lag issues. Added a few more shield plaques, a DB background behind the bed.
1.4, 2012/04/11 - Added better background music, some shrubbery, improved FPS, added a bookshelf and some free ingots in the Blacksmithing cave.
2.0, 2012/04/18 - Extended the distance between the rooms to adjust the lighting problems that were causing the FPS hit. Adjusted the lighting to accomodate the adjusted rooms. Added some custom rugs and banners. Started the redesign of the dragon alcove.
3.0, 2012/04/26 - Final update barring any fixes that need doin
-Abandoned the fast travel plans. I'm not a script monkey.
-Updated the Navmesh so followers will follow you like a bad smell again.
-"Cleaned" the .esp so it won't conflict with other mods unintentionally (did not clean the .esm, that does not belong to me)
-Retextured several objects
-Added a cooking pot and placed a "Bag of Meat" next to it for ingredient storage.
-Added paintings from Travistaatd to the back alcove and the bedroom.
-Added some gardening... mixture of things that will regrow and things that will not.


You can find me on TESNexus as 'Graevedigger'

Eldiabs. He's the Master artisan who created the DragonReach Hideout mod in the first place...

Travistaatd. Your work is mind-bending brother... thansk again for letting me use it.

Williesea. Thanks for making mods that make mine look like a kindergarten project.

Thanks to for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.

Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

oh yeah... and to Bethesda: Screw you for creating the gaming masterpiece that has chewed through hundreds of hours of my life. Skyrim has eaten my soul.

You may NOT reuse the textures in the paintings. If you wish to add the paintings to your mod, please contact the artist directly... (Links above). I can not nor will not grant permission to redistribute the pictures.

If you like my redesign of ElDiab's hard work, please direct any accolades in his direction. I am not the owner of the DragonsReach Hideout... therefore asking me for permission to use the hideout would be a waste of both of our time. If ElDiabs has granted you permission to use his mod for any reason, feel free to assume that his permission covers this mod as well. Please keep the credits in tact though.

If you like the picture frames... please contact williesea, as he is the creator. I can't/won't grant permission to use his resources.

If you wish to translate this mod into any other language, and you can read this... by all means... do so.