Undead Frost Dragon - Vedstrunah by Oathwind
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Added: 12/04/2012 - 07:42AM
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Last updated at 1:04, 23 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 7:42, 12 Apr 2012

The draconic lich Vedstrunah has claimed the area around Skyrim's Tower stone for himself. As Dovahkiin, it's your job to help him find rest.


What's in the mod:
-An encounter with an undead frost dragon at the Tower stone.
-A unique dagger, the Fang of Vedstrunah.
-A ruined word wall on the island below the Tower stone with Vedstrunah's body.
-Vedstrunah's Contract, a summoning scroll used to conjure your own dracolich. Lasts 120 seconds.

Known bugs:
-Using Dragonrend against Vedstrunah causes him to lose the ghost shader effects while still retaining a transparent model.


I've been futzing about with the Creation Kit for a while, now, but this is my first official submission to the Nexus! Please feel free to report any issues and offer criticism. To reach the Tower stone quickly, simply open up your console and enter coc DoomstoneSnowy01.