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Hornrich Hearth

On the southwest shore of Hornrich Lake, you find a small cabin. It's locked up tight. This intriguing little house is owned by a breton mage/alchemist named Ambroas. Ambroas was last seen a few days prior, going out for some ingredients gathering. You'll have to find him if you want to claim your new home in the Rift. He's not too far away so it shouldn't be too hard. For the house, there is a map marker but you have to find the cabin first in order for it to be visible.

It's a one room, Riften style cabin with a small cellar. Features include:
All crafting stations
Two armor mannequins
Five weapon plaques
One dagger display case
One weapon rack
One working bookcase (The wall bookshelf above the bookcase acts as a container for unlimited book storage)
Potion shelf for potion storage
Ingredients garden
Several storage containers in and out of the house
A respawning beehive
A friendly fox who lives in the yard. He's essential so he cannot be killed.

None of the food and dinnerware items in the kitchen will respawn after being taken. That way you can fill the shelves with your own things, if you like. None of the containers (even the ones with items in them) will respawn. There are a few decorative items in the living area (for example, the war horn) that will respawn if you take them.

Both areas of the home are navmeshed and have been tested with Marcurio as a follower. Everything seemed to be working fine. It's also been tested with Spouses Can Live Everywhere so your wife or husband should be able to reside there with no problem.

I myself, find the armor mannequins to be a bit creepy. If you do too, I'm providing an alternate version without them. In their place is a simple cabinet labeled for armor storage. Simply download whichever version suits you.

If you have difficulty finding Ambroas and you want to know where he is then please, consult the README file. It's included in your download. At the very bottom will be directions on how to get to him. If you've misplaced or deleted the README then you can redownload it directly from the mod's Nexus page.

Recommended Mods:
Vanilla Manequin Script Fix (make those creepy manequins stay put!)

Spouses Can Live Everywhere

Known Issues:
The two common soul gems in the cellar will fall off of their shelf a lot of the time when you use the arcane enchanter. I don't know why. You can just pick them up. They won't respawn on the shelf so you won't have to deal with them again.

Download the .rar file and unpack it into your Skyrim Data folder. If you are dragging and dropping instead, don't forget about the meshes and textures files included. Make the esp file (mtHornrichHearth or mtHornrichHearthNoMans, whichever you've chosen) is activated on your next game startup.

Hornrich Hearth was created using the following modder's resources:

By Blary
Open Books -
Booksets -
Potion Shelves -
Food Containers -

By Insanity Sorrow
Soap Resource -