Solitude - Capital City Overhaul by Shrutesh
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Added: 11/04/2012 - 09:13PM
Updated: 11/04/2012 - 09:15PM

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Last updated at 21:15, 11 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 21:13, 11 Apr 2012

Changes to the lighting and foliage in Solitude to make it more imposing as the capital of Skyrim! The screenshots speak for themselves.

Changes made to Solitude:
  • Added missing lights near fires that oddly had no lights.
  • Tweaked lights according to the intensity and size of the source.
  • Added external lighting for the Bards tower and the Blue Palace.
  • Added a few trees and shrubs wherever the city felt a bit empty.
  • Modified some guard idle positions since their torch light was causing some light pop in.

Just drop the esp into ur data folder!
Using Realistic Lighting with customization is recommended though not needed.

  • This mod should be compatible with all mods as long as they do not modify the solitude cell space.
  • In case another mod also modifies lights or foliage in Solitude, the mod that loads last may or may not overwrite the changes made by the first one.
  • This mod is compatible with Horrorviews' 'Sexy Solitude'

  • Some light pop in issues may still exist, in case i missed some.
  • If any of the lights are too bright/misplaced, plz inform me and i will try to make the changes.
  • My lighting settings can be found at Zoners Realistic Lighting and Imaginator settings in case you are interested.
  • If you like the mod Endorse it! Thats my motivation to keep on making it better!