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This is the Chinese translation of the original UFO mod.

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[size="5"]This is the Chinese translated version of the original UFO-Ultimate Follower Overhail.

All credit to the original author fLokii.


UFO is a set of tools and enhancements to the followers system that will allow for better control and usability of followers.

For more information, please refer to the original mod, or read the Chinesized instruction.

[size="5"]Chinese Version Intro[/size]
I did two Chinese translation -- Chinese Simplified and Chinese Tranditional. Please use it accordingly. Also I completely translate the original instruction, please read it carefully before you install and play with this MOD.

For different font users, I did the Microsoft YaHei (MSYH) adjustment, so download that and override it into your skyrim/data folder.

The followers' name and also some place translation reference to DeepKu Skyrim Chinese wiki, here is a link: DeepKu Follower Wiki

If you have any question for the Chinesization, please contact me: PM or [email protected]

V1.5 Skyrim or higher required

Please load UFO last/lowest in load order.

For more info on capacity, please read the instruction carefully.

Have a clean save, dismiss all followers you currently have in your saved game, quit. Then install UFO, load last/lowest in loading order-->win!

Read the instruction for more information. Also the capability issue.

Updating UFO is simple as other mods. Simply replace the files with new onws and continue playing, without any uninstall, install (author original statement).

All credit with fLokii, thank him for this great MOD!

If you like this MOD, please endorse the author, thank you!

[size="5"]About our group[/size]

SkyreaLm, founded on April 1st, 2012, is a neutral independent mini-group for MOD lovers, not belonging to any other organization or individual. We will really appreciate if you share your MOD Chinesization experience~ However, currently we do not accept any stranger's entering.
If you have any good idea about Chinesization, please contact us.
Our contact information: [email protected]
OR, you can directly PM me here.