The Fork of Horripilation - A Morrowind artifact for Skyrim by PrivateEye
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Last updated at 13:45, 4 May 2012 Uploaded at 13:58, 11 Apr 2012

This mod adds the Fork of Horripilation to Skyrim. This "artifact" of Sheogorath previously appeared in Morrowind and Shivering Isles.

I will warn you all before hand:
For most players this wont be a useful mod!
The fork is, just like in previous games, very useless.
It has a very low attack and when equipped adds the "Curse of the Fork" effect.
This effect lowers you magicka by 200 points!

So, for who is this mod?
-Nostalgic players who look to bring a bit of previous Elder Scrolls games into Skyrim
-Sheogorath fan boys and girls
-Mod makers, since they are free to use this mod as a resource!
Again, if you are looking for a useful item to use in your quests.. there's nothing here for you.
The mod contains a custom made mesh and texture for the Fork.

There's no quest involved in obtaining the fork. Instead, you will be able to get the weapon after completing Sheogorath's quest.
You will find the fork in the Pelagius Hall of the Blue Palace.
Look beyond the hall where you find Sheogorath. There are stairs down.
In the lowest room, you'll find a bed. The fork is besides the bed.
Check the screenshots for the exact location.
The fork can also be upgraded at a grindstone but the requirements are... odd.

Statswise the Fork is most similar to Morrowind.
In appearance, I went for a mix between the Morrowind and Shivering Isles versions.

Now the important part!
Modders Modders are free to use the blade (the meshes, textures and scripts) for their own modding projects!
All I ask is credit for my hard work.


V 1.0
Initial release

V 1.1
Forgot to add the script that activates the curse! Should work now.

V 1.2
Fixed an error that prevented the player from upgrading the weapon.
Upgrading now requires a Dwarven Fork. You can find these in Dwemer ruins!


French translation at La Confrérie des Traducteurs

German translation by ProJECTz3

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