Dual Wield Blocking Animations by Daljo
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Added: 11/04/2012 - 12:24PM
Updated: 08/05/2015 - 12:27PM

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Last updated at 7:27, 8 May 2015 Uploaded at 7:24, 11 Apr 2012

Important! - 5poiler offers a considerably better set of animations, in addition to other alternative blocking animations for 1h/2h, and I would recommend downloading them instead of this.

Blocking Animation Pack by 5poiler

Dual Wield Block Animations

Made specifically for Dual Wield Parrying mod. Video isn't really needed as the animations are already in game.

- Replaces default blocking animations for dual wielding, which are incomplete, with those of the torch animations.
- Requires Dual Wield Parrying! ( )

Zipped and uploaded for the sake of others. None of the content is created by me.