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Adds a script that allows you to automatically enable and disable objects (mostly lights) based on the current day time. With a tutorial how to set up.

Permissions and credits
The script distributed by this mod is taken from the "Light Switch" solution on the official Creation Kit wiki, written by Cipscis.
I'm no native speaker, so my english might not always be correct.

What it does
Automatic Light Switch (ALS) is not a stand-alone mod; it's a modder's resource. It provides a simple yet effective script to other mod authors. Most player home mods suffer from a minor inconvenience: their exterior lights are still 'on' during the day. ALS disables light sources for a specific period of time that can be set independently for each object. And the best thing: It's not limited to light sources; you can as well manipulate other things like traps.

To read the ReadMe and the Tutorial, you need a program that can open .pdf files, like Adobe Reader.

Just copy AutomaticLightSwitchScript.pex from the script folder to your skyrim\data folder
Default path: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data\script

Just delete AutomaticLightSwitchScript.pex from your skyrim\data\script folder.


Cipscis for the script, found at the official Creation Kit wiki (Light Switch)

Feel free to create some sort of compatibility patch for your player home or whatever you’re creating, just give proper credit to me and Cipscis.