Companions Wolf Armor and Ancient Nord Shields by QuickFox
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Looking for a shield that matches your Wolf Armor or Ancient Nord Armor, but can't find one? Search no more, for this mod has exactly what it is you seek!

What it does:

This mod adds two new shields to Skyrim; the Wolf Shield and the Ancient Nord Shield.

Both these shields use the Shield of Ysgramor model, but reduced in scale to be closer in size to the Iron & Steel shields, and given custom textures to match with their respective armor sets.

The Wolf Shield is sold by Eorland Greymane at the Skyforge in Whiterun once you have been initiated as a full member of the Companions.

The Ancient Nord Shield can be obtained in two ways; it has a high chance of being in use by Draugr, and can also be crafted at the Skyforge once you are able to smith Nord Hero weapons & Ancient Nord armor.

Both these shields can be improved at the Armor Smithing Bench, and are linked with the Steel Smithing perk.

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