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Cicero and Lucien Lachance
Version: 1.0
By c_striker

UPDATE: I have now released a new mod, "ESP - Expanded Skyrim Presets", which makes these characters (along with 300+ other NPCs) available to play as presets in the character creation menu. If you'd prefer the preset version, which allows you to customize the character or to convert your existing character via the showracemenu console command, you can find the new mod here.

This file includes level one save games of precise clones of the male Imperial NPCs Cicero (of the Dark Brotherhood) and Lucien Lachance (Spectral Assassin), for those who wish to play as one of them or as a character who looks like one of them.

These player characters are exact replicas of the NPCs upon which they are based, with the exception that Lucien has been converted from spectral to human form. This conversion consisted of giving him human eyes and minor makeup. I have given him brown eyes and face tinting based on the chargen settings he had back in Oblivion. It appears Bethesda maintained as much consistency as possible regarding his face geometry. Other than those minor changes, chargen settings for both characters are the same as the vanilla NPC settings. So, particularly for Cicero, your save game player character should look exactly like your in-game NPC regardless of any mods used (unless you previously used an NPC editor to change the NPC, in which case all bets are off).

Each character is saved just outside the cave after escaping Helgen Keep.

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Mods used in the screenshots
* "Natural Eyes" by nevenbridge: (human eyes only)
* "Straight hair retexture" by navetsea:

Installation (manual)
1. Extract the files of this mod to a temporary location (you can use 7zip:, to unzip them) and check the folder structure.
2. Copy the .ess files to your saved games folder, typically: \My Games\Skyrim\Saves
3. Launch Skyrim and load your saved game of choice.


If you wish to contact me, please do so by leaving a comment at the mod's thread.

Thanks to Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls Series of games.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on:
Thanks to the modders mentioned above for their efforts and improvements to the game.
Thanks to Nexus and the modding community for the access, tools and resources.

Tools Used
Bethesda's Skyrim and related Creation Kit
7zip -