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Traditional thinking is that a blacksmith should only attempt to shape armor from dragon bones once he has spent a lifetime mastering his profession... but any true warrior knows that armor you can wear before the battle is better than one made long after!

What This Mod Does:

I never liked the way that Dragon Plate Armor looked; the helmet seemed very mismatched compared to the rest of the set, which was itself no treat to look at... in fact the helmet was probably the best looking part of the set, and in my opinion it seemed to visually match a few of the other heavy armor sets better than its own.
My first ever Skyrim mod (on Skyrim Nexus) was an attempt to improve the aesthetic match of the Dragon Plate Helm to the Banded Iron Armor set, and while it was both a useful learning experience and a success by my own standards, it was not a particularly exciting or ambitious mod, and probably never saw much use in anyone's Skyrim except mine.

DragonIron Armor v1

DragonIron Armor v2

Ironbound Dragon Armor is the 3rd evolution of this early mod, which takes things to the next level in the form of an armor set that is a true synthesis of both the Iron and Dragon Bone aesthetic.

This armor can be crafted at the smithing forge without the need for any smithing perks... the various pieces of the set require materials that should be readily available at the time of your first dragon-kill, however early in the game that might be, so you will no longer have to sell or hoard all your dragon bones and scales until you have reached 100 in smithing!

Ironbound Dragon Armor can be found under the 'dragon' heading of the smithing menu, and as mentioned earlier you need not have the 'dragon smithing' perk to see and create it.
The resulting armors are in the 'heavy armor' category, and offer protection on par with the Orcish or Steel Plate armor sets, though they count as being part of the Dragon Plate armor set for the purposes of matching set perks, and for being improved at the smithing armor bench.

This mod also fixes a minor clipping issue that human females had with their hair and the Dragon Plate Helmet.


Hvergelmir: I heavily altered his Iron Armor retexture and made use of his specular maps.

gooneacehole: I included his Dragonplate Helmet retexture, since it matched this set so well.

Other Mods:

Other mods that can be seen in these screenshots, though not by me and not included in this mod:

Dragon Bone Weapons

Known Issues:

* The superior custom helmet texture in this mod replaces the default helmet texture for the Dragon Plate Helmet; you're welcome.

* The inventory / world models for the armor, gauntlets and boots do not 100% reflect the appearance of their respective armors when worn. This is unlikely to change.

Optional Features:

* In the optional section of the DL page, I have uploaded an alternate version of this mod that simply replaces the Dragon Plate Armor set with this one's meshes and textures, rather than adding Ironbound Dragon Armor as a stand-alone set. To run this version of the mod, you must also load the craftable version, however you can simply rename the 'DragonIronReplacer.esp' to 'DragonIron.esp', overwriting the previous 'DragonIron.esp' if you only wish to use the replacer.