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Not every hero grasps the concept of mixing together random plants and drinking whatever is left to heal their wounds.
For them good old fashioned bandages is plenty enough. What warrior really has time to knock back a potion between swings anyway?
A real man tends to his wounds when hes done killin, AFTER battle!
That cut looking nasty bad? What do you do? Pour beer on it! Who needs bad tasting cure disease potions anyway.

This mod adds the ability to do just that.
Craftable with a couple of cotton balls found growing in the wilderness, you too can patch your wounds with nothing but a bit of cloth.
Pour some beer on em to make sure they are extra clean!

Wanna take it to the next level? Pick up a copy of "Bandages and You" and when you take a beating your health won't come back. Get beat more and knocking back a potion won't help your whupped ***, keep on with the pain and that loot you were hauling back to town ain't gonna make it. The only way you patch back up is with a bandage.

Bandages: can be crafted at the tanning rack with tundra cotton, or with some of that linen you saw laying around in a crypt. Just clean em up with some mead or ale first!
These are not meant to be used in combat, doing so will waste bandages and make you look foolish in front of your enemies.

Beer Bandages: cure disease and are craftable at a cooking pot with a bottle of mead, or an ale if thats what your into.

Injury: has multiple progressive stages.
Injured - At 50% life you will no longer regenerate Health Magicka or Stamina
Injured Badly - at 35% life healing potions will no longer have any effect
Injured Severely - at 20% life your carrying capacity is reduced

In order to enjoy the injury feature you will need to read a copy of "Bandages and You". They can be found in Riverwood on Alvor's smithing table, Arcadia's shop on the counter, or buy one from any general goods merchant. Should you not wish to have the injury effect do not read the book.

If you are updating from version 1.2 you will need to uninstall, make a new save, and then reread the book after reinstall.
This only needs to be done for any character that read the book before. New characters can read the book normally.

***************Hardcore Edition***************
Hardcore version added.
Healing spells no longer restore health.

If you are updating to the hardcore version you will need to open the console and type
help injured
once you have the spell code (example 300049c3) use the command
player.removespell whateverthespellcodewas
once you have done this either obtain another copy of "Bandages and You" or add it via player.additem and read it again.
This only needs to be done for any character that read the book before. New characters can read the book normally. If you do not remove the spell the new effects will not be added!

***************Version 1.3***************
Injury Effect expanded
"Bandages and You" and bandages now sold at most apothocary and general good vendors
Linen found in crypts can now be cleaned and made into bandages.
Beer Bandages now created at the cooking pot along with Clean Linen
No longer required to read "Bandages and You" in the heat of battle.

***************Version 1.2***************
"Bandages and You" added to Riverwood, Arcadia's and Belethor's
Injury Effect added

***************Version 1.1***************
Beer Bandages added

------------ Uninstallation ------------
If you wish to uninstall this mod be sure you are not injured when you do. If you are injured while you uninstall you will not regen. Should you choose to ignore this simply reinstall and uninjure yourself, save, and uninstall.

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