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Added: 09/04/2012 - 11:58PM
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It struck me as odd that while breaking into a building while sneaking, with alert guards nearby, that it would seem like a good idea to take time out to make a "Wax Key" of the lock I'd just picked. It would seem more prudent to simply continue on and avoid the chance of being caught.

This won't make picking locks easier or harder, it only sets conditions for the Wax Key perk if you've taken it. This has roleplay benefit only.

In order to make a wax key, with this mod enabled, the following conditions must be met:
-You may not be sneaking.
-You may not be trespassing.
-You may not be swimming.
-You may not be in combat.
-You need both hands free.*

*You may not have a spell, shield, weapon, torch, or even a fist "readied" for combat. Sheathe your blade, you need both hands to make a key.

Regarding the inevitable comments of "If you don't like the perk, don't take it" and such.. let me cover them all here first and say "Thank You, Captain Obvious."