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====================Main Description====================
This mod will make your character skill level determine the effectiveness of skills. What it does is reduce the number of base perks from five to one, and increase the skill multiplier applied to compensate. You get perfect scaling; a maxed out vanilla character and a maxed out character using this mod does the same damage, has the same armor rating, creates potions of the same strength, etc.   Please read the details for magic however.

Vanilla Alchemy Skill 100 + 5 "Alchemist" Perks = Skill Based Skyrim Alchemy Skill 100 + "Alchemist" Perk
Vanilla Heavy Armor Skill 100 + 5 "Juggernaut" Perks = Skill Based Skyrim Heavy Armor Skill 100 + "Juggernaut" Perk

Effectiveness will be similar to previous Elder Scrolls games. This allows you to spend perk points on specialization within the tree,
rather than base effectiveness. The calculations apply once you unlock the base skill in each tree.

====================Magic Description====================
Vanilla provides an immediate casting cost reduction of 50% so scaling cost on skill actually makes magic casting harder. There are two flavors available.

Normal Version:
Base magic school perks provide a 25% reduction in casting cost for all spells in that school, regardless of spell level. There is an increased
casting cost reduction for each skill point compared to vanilla. Once again with this mod skill level 100 will be casting cost of vanilla skill level 100 with all perks.

Hardcore Version:
Base magic school perks scale magic casting on skill alone, the casting cost reduction for skill is increased compared to the normal version. This is true magic scaling but much harder than vanilla. To demonstrate we have the numbers below:

Oakflesh Spell Cost 102 Magicka
Vanilla: Alteration Skill 0 + Aleration Novice Perk = 51 Magicka
Skill Based Skyrim Hardcore: Alteration Skill 50 + Alertaion Perk = 57 Magicka (Yikes!)

Do not use this version if you are a milk drinker.

====================Version 3.0 (Final Release)====================

- Fixed Alteration constellation. Base perk constellation now links to all other perks in that tree.
- Fixed Destruction constellation. Base perk constellation now links to all other perks in that tree.
- Fixed Haggle perk. Was previously not applying sell bonus if higher tier Haggle perks were unlocked.

====================Version 2.0====================
Recreated the entire mod! Modular! All base skills covered!!!

All in one.

OneHanded - Armsman
TwoHanded - Barbarian
Archery - Overdraw
Block - Shield Wall
LightArmor - Agile Defender
HeavyArmor - Juggernaut

Enchanting - Enchanter

Sneak - Stealth
Speech - Haggling
Alchemy - Alchemist
Pickpocket - Light Fingers
Lockpicking - Light Touch

====================Mod Notes====================
You can upgrade/downgrade/uninstall any version of this mod at any time. No clean save necessary. This mod is compatible with new and existing characters. This mod is not compatible with other mods that edit the same base perks. You can use the main file or a combination of modular files (_TheWarrior,_TheMage,_TheThief) but not both.