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Hello, everyone, SikSikSikki here, bringing you the Sik Companions Pack vol.1!

Included are 9 new companions, some being faction related, all lore-friendly. Every character has names that are unique, yet still fit within their own race, as well as classes that fit well within lore!

The pack was made with the big companion overhauls in mind (especially Goulig, who can then use his 1H experience to duel-wield), such as UFO and the such and should very much be compatible with them (I use UFO personally, and they work fine together). That being said, they are not required and can be executed alongside vanilla Skyrim only if one wishes.

**There seems to be a problem with some of the companions preferring fists over steel, and just as well Quorellius really doesn't seem to want to play with the Dovahkiin. Trying to fix this**

Valja Heaven-Sent
Location: The Bannered Mare in Whiterun.
Class: Warrior (2h Specialist)
Race: Nord

Förtegen Magic-Blood
Location: The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold.
Class: Wizard (Destruction Specialist)
Race: Imperial

Goulig Yar-Grash
Location: Narzulbur in Eastern Skyrim (near Kynesgrove)
Class: Berserker (1H Specialist)
Race: Orc
(is a member of the Narzulbur community)

Aldrimer Sniketyv
Location: The Ragged Flagon, beneath Riften.
Class: Thief (1H specific)
Race: Dunmer
(Is a member of the Theives Guild)

Gal'ning of the Shadow
Location: The Ragged Flagon, beneath Riften.
Class: Assassin (1H specific)
Race: Khajiit
(Is a member of the Dark Brotherhood)

Vierra Toulmyth
Location: The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.
Class: Hunter (Missile, or Archer)
Race: Breton

Anarial Rahzen
Location: The Frostfruit Inn, Rorikstead.
Class: Warrior (1H specialist)
Race: Redguard

Quorellius Vyral:
Location: Understone Keep, Markarth.
Class: Spellblade
Race: High-Elf
(is definitely a member of the Thalmor, may not play well with Stormcloaks)

Location: Four Shields Tavern, Dragonbridge
Class: Warrior (2h)
Race: Argonian
3.0 Final - Gal'ning's leveling fixed.

2.5 - Aldrimer and Gal'nings punch everything, fixed. Argonian added.

2.0 - Minor Bug Fixes.

1.0 - Initial Release.