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Magic Carpet - Elderscroll V: Skyrim Mod

-by electionis

======= Description ==========

This mod adds a magic carpet in Skyrim.

When mounted, it can transport you from A to B with lightning speed. (15 times faster than a horse)
Sorry, you cannot fly upward yet. But while on it, you will definitely feel like flying and sometimes you do "fly".
Think of it as a transportation vehicle, more efficient than walking or horse riding.
Fast travel is too fast and all "black" with loading screen animations, but magic carpet riding is breathtaking and fun.
It's up to you how you travel, but isn't it nice to have an extra option to do that?
If you agree, you might like this mod.

DISCLAIMER: Oh, this mod requires high-end PC, so if your system crashes or your graphic card gets fried using this mod, I am not responsible. You've been warned.
If you're afraid, don't download this mod.

======== How it was made ===========
My original intention was to create a pilotable magic carpet on which you can fly whichever direction you like. (up down left right etc..)
but I could not accomplish that due to my lack of modding experience with script.
So I had to settle for a regular horse. I simply turned a horse into a carpet.
And voila! The first Skyrim Magic Carpet!

========= Features ===========
1. Unique 17th Century Turkish rug design
2. You can summon it using Magic Carpet Summon Spell everywhere, even in indoors.
3. The carpet automatically follows you, but not too close.
4. If you happened to summon a number of carpets by mistakes or by intention,
you can send carpets to Oblivion using Magic Carpet Banish spell.

======== Install ==================
Drop meshes + textures + scripts+MagicCarpet.esp inside your Data folder.

none, just install it and ready to go.

======== What to do in game ===========

* Learn the spells (See screenshots for location)
1. Fast travel to The Guardian Stones. (on the way to the Riverwood from Helgen)
2. Head for Riverwood for 5 secs.
3. You will see waterfalls on your left.
4. Jump carefully from the rocks or go around to the ground to get to the bottom of the waterfall.
5. There are 3 things: Magic Carpet Summon spell tome, Magic Carpet Banish spell tome, a Note.
8. Read the note. And KEEP it.
9. Learn the spells.

* Using the spells
1. Magic Carpet Summon spell enables you to call as many carpets as you like. (Conjuration)
2. Once summoned, Magic Carpets will follow you wherever you go as long as you keep the Magic Carpet NOTE in your inventory. If you drop it, the carpet will go back to the location where it was summoned last time. Sometimes it takes time to follow along, but eventually they will be always behind you, ready for service.
3. If they bother you, you can always banish them with Magic Carpet Banish spell.
4. They do appear after fast travel even if you banished them. This is not a bug.

* On the carpet
Pilot the carpet just as you do with a horse.
Carpets will fly only horizontally for now. If you want to fly higher, fly to nearby terrain which is higher level than now and keep pressing "W" so that you can maintain the current altitude.
You will get the hang of it soon and you will know what I mean.
If you stop pressing "W", you will fall and your altitude will be 0. (on the ground)

==== uninstall =======
delete the MagicCarpet.esp file.

delete the following folders and file in your Data folder

meshes\actors\magiccarpet (folder)
textures\actors\magic carpet (folder)
scripts\SHorseSummonScript.pex (file)
scripts\BansihEverythingTeleportSCR.pex (file)
scripts\source\BansihEverythingTeleportSCR.psc (file)

====Known issues=======

1. Crash, crash, crash
Due to the nature of this mod, your game will crash.
So use your moderation when speeding.
Everyone's system is different.
If your rigs are superb, your game will not crash. (especially SSD users)
If your rigs are lousy, your game will crash like hell; sorry, this mod is not for you. Uninstall it.

2. Not compatible with [Summonable Permanent Ghost and Normal Horses by Alex Ducey]
Not compatible with [Banish Everything - Conjuration Spell by KahjiitRaj]

=======Credits and Thanks========

Bethesda for Skyrim
KahjiitRaj for banish script (
atducey for summon script (

======= Final Note =========
You can use this mod freely.
No need to ask permission or give credits to me, you can even claim that you made this! ^^ I don't mind at all, so feel free.
Enjoy the ride!