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Last updated at 13:01, 9 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 13:09, 9 Apr 2012

**Current Update notes**
**Updated to 3.1 @ 6/9/2012**
-Added Weapon Racks/Plaques and Display Cases with some removable torches
-Added a telescope to the widow's peak (Credit to mattcm919)
-Added another mushroom garden
-More green!

Check out this awesome video of the garden, made courtesy of Saiodin, Thank you very much!

*Zenith Garden, or Z'en, for short*
(Nexus won't let me use an apostrophe in Z'en, so had to name it Z-en, which looks stupid!) So, I renamed it to "Zenith Garden", but will refer to it as Z'en for short. I left the ugly _ Z-en _ in the title so people already use to it's old name can find it and see the new name easier.

Zenith Garden, Z'en for short, is located southeast of Markarth, close to the Orc stronghold, Dushnikh Yal. Access through a Stone-arch Portal. I hand-crafted a lot of the structures, trees and garden ornaments, plus used multiple "new mesh" plants from modders resources and mods. So, hopefully this gives a unique feel, I plan to slowly create some new plants and trees as well by combining things already in the CK, plus adding new textures from modders resources with permissions, of course! Basically this is just the shell and I will update regularly until its complete! =) Looking for some feedback and testing for bugs, Please comment! Also, please report any graphics issues or problems and please feel free to make any suggestions!

***Work In Progress***

**Future Plans**
-Add Navmesh and Idle markers so followers/spouses can enjoy the place as well (This will be the last thing I attempt)
-Add more rooms to the observation deck/living area
-Add some weapon displays
-A few regular and "mini" mannequins
-Lots more Flowers and Mushrooms, Trees and Creatues! Some hand-crafted ones as well
(I plan to add any and every new plant available from modders resources, so if you see any I haven't added yet please bring them to my attention and I will ask permission and add them if possible =))
-A book explaining the Garden of Z'en
-A Boss monster/npc to defeat to gain access to ( This is something I need to learn first)
-Paths and more decorations of course!
-Add spiders and stouters from the mod "Butterfliegen" by Conquestus
-A few more secrets you'll have to wait to see=)
-And whatever else I can imagine up=)

**Old Updates**
*Updated to 2.8 @ 5/27/2012*
-Added 8 types of new salmon type/size fish, harvest, eat raw or cook them, added ingredients and recipes for each
Amur Catfish
Cherry Salmon
Oriental Weatherfish
Three-spine Stickleback
-Changed the exterior entrance again, pillars, ruins, steps, still a portal though sorry
-Started decorating the Bar/Dining area
-Added more flora

*Updated to 2.7 @ 5/23/2012*
-Added to the exterior entrance andmade the Fast Travel location closer to the portal
-Added more flora in bare areas
-Started a Dining room/ Bar area

*Updated to 2.6 @ 5/15/2012*
-Added a Study (bookshelves, scroll shelves, displays) (Credit to Tony67 for the Scroll Shelves and Oaristys for the Glass Noble Shelves and Blary for the Book Sets, thank you!)
-Added some paintings (Credit to Darkrider for the paintings, thank you!)
-Added some static weapons for decoration (Credit to PrivateEye for the weapon meshes, thank you!)
-Added some more decorations, etc...

*Updated to 2.5 @ 5/9/2012*
-Removed the sideways water tiles on the aquariums and replaced them with glass, looks much better.
-Added some viewing benches for the windowed aquarium, take a close look!
-Added more flora

*Updated to 2.4 @ 5/7/2012*
-Redid the Alchemy and Enchanting hut decor
-Added some crystal geodes (still more little crystal to be added to these)
-Added double-sided glass pane shelves to the observation deck/living area (more of these to come, very very detailed contents, takes a bit of time =))
-Added a few teddy bears

*Updated to 2.3 @ 5/2/2012*
-Added Potion Shelves/Containers for the alchemy hut, special credit and thanks to Blary from the modders resource "PotionShelf Resource"
-Added Ingredient containers for the alchemy hut
-Added Bookshelves, Containers and Weapon Rack for the Enchanting hut
-Added one more little deck above and weapon rack to the bedroom area
-Added a hidden garden, a underwater garden and a hidden garden in the hidden underwater garden, lol , check behind a waterfall *winks*

*Updated to 2.2 @ 4/30/2012*
-Added Stouter bug from the mod "Butterfliegen", Thanks and credit to Conquestus
-Started building a Gardening Shed area
-Added more flower gardens
-Added some clams

*Updated to 2.1 @ 4/29/2012*
-Added 27 new types of moth/butterflies, 5 new types of dragonflies and 2 new types of torchbugs (All with ingredients and variety of qualities) Super special THANKS! and credit to Conquestus and his mod "Butterfliegen" for all of these new meshes

*Updated to 2.0 @ 4/28/2012*
-Added a third fish bowl (sea serpent themed) :)
-Added two flower planters
-Added a very odd mushroom garden
-Watched lots of Navmesh videos, going to attempt this after work tomorrow

*Updated to 1.9 @ 4/27/2012*
-Added Fandango Dragon's Tongue and Magenta Lavender plants and ingredients, special thanks and credit to Conquestus from the mod "Butterfliegen"
*note* More of these will be added, plus I am trying to incorporate all the insects from this mod as well, just haven't figured it out yet, in the mean time I recommend using this mod along with mine, it gives a nice variety of butterflies, moths, dragonflies and torchbugs. I have no problems with running this mod along with Z'en, but I cannot account for conflicts it might cause from running it with other mods I don't use.
-Added Black Mandrake plant and ingredient, special thanks and credit to ChickenDownUnder from the modders resource, "Harvestables"
-Added railing on the spiral staircase, special thanks for the idea from concepts2a
*note* I tested this thoroughly and it works quite well, the areas without railing you can still fall but its only in places that you won't take damage because the fall is short.
-Failed at adding the insects from Conquestus's mod, Butterfliegen, I spent at least 12 hours toying with adding the bugs but still haven't quite figured it out, I am still learning all the technical aspects of papyrus scripts and activators, eventually these will be added. =)

*Updated to 1.8 @ 4/25/2012*
-Added railing to the observation deck/living quarters, plus added a third platform
-Added "Collision Markers" around all three platforms to avoid falling to your death! You cannot fall off unless you go out of your way and jump!
I cannot add this around the spiral staircases without blocking other areas, so you can still fall off climbing the steps if not careful!
-Added basket, crate and hanging meat rack containers, special thanks and credit goes to Blary for his modders resource "FoodContainer Resource"
These containers are SAFE (non-respawn) and can be used to store any items, I just started them with what appeared to be in them as the contents, but you can add whatever you like
-Added open books as decorations, special thanks and credit goes to Blary. again, for his modders resource "OpenBooks Resource". More of these to come as I complete certain areas
-Added a Cooking Pot and kitchen! I got a little carried away in there, but I made every single item "Static" so no worry about collision, the decorations will never move!!! Except the Chef hat, the CK wouldn't let me make it static for some reason *shrugs*
-Added a bed on the 3rd platform
-Added more decorations and and other stuff I probably forgot

*Updated to 1.4 @ 4/21/2012*
-Redid the lighting again, I spent way too many hours on this, I'm just going to leave it how it is for the moment, I do really like the current lighting but its not perfect
-Added Bamboo, lots!!! Thanks again ChickenDownUnder!

*Updated to 1.2 @ 4/18/2012*
-Added more flora and grass
-Added "Silent" Nirnroots
-Changed all the garden rocks to brighter rocks to stand out better
-Removed the dragon tail, I was tipsy and thought it was cute till I woke up today, eheh
- Added Garlic Plants and made all the other new plants from ChickenDownUnder's modders resource "Harvestables", harvestable!
Blueberry Bushes
Sugar Cane
Red Apple Trees
Green Apple Trees
Stone Flowers
Trama Root
Ash Yams

Oh, and please enjoy and "Endorse" or leave a comment if you like, That's all I ask! =)