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Update: I think I fixed the issues I was having with it crashing at startup. Let me know if that still happens.



Lore-friendly player home/Stormcloak outpost for those who took the side of the Stormcloaks in the civil war. This home is both your reward and your official post. Comes with all the amenities, 10 Stormcloak troops, and a housekeeper.

It started out as a desire to build a home for my character. Eventually it evolved into this. I had some good ideas along the way and some bad ones, hopefully the end result is interesting and not too bland.

I wanted it to be lore-friendly and not overpowered or excessive. It seemed like every house mod that I downloaded contained a couple dozen mannequins and a hundred different places to display weapons. Plus they were huge. I wanted something more moderately sized, not too small but having enough space inside to move around freely. The idea of making it a Stormcloak outpost came along later in the project but seemed to be a unique addition that I hadn't seen in other player homes.

So this is something that I made for myself that I decided to share with you all in case you might like it too. Constructive criticism is appreciated.



11 Actors/NPCs, including 2 Stormcloak Commanders, 5 Stormcloak Guards, 2 Stormcloak Archers, 1 Blacksmith and 1 Housekeeper.

1 alchemy table
1 enchanting table
1 bookcase
1 cooking pot
12 weapon plaques
1 weapon rack holding 5 weapons
2 large display cases
2 small display cases
5 mannequins
1 blacksmith forge
1 tanning rack
1 sharpening wheel
1 armor table
lots of chests and containers



Due east of Treva's Watch, just south of the stone road by the river and marked by a bear claw on the map. A bear's claw, not a pastry. It should be easy to find.


Bugs / Known Issues:

1) The food on the tables is wonky. I spent way too much time trying to fix this. Tips are appreciated.
2) I'm not entirely sure the Stormcloaks ever use their beds. I've never witnessed it at least. They sure like to drink from the mead barrels though.
3) I realize that there's a door behind the front door, this was part of the prefab exterior that I used. I don't know that there's any way around it.
4) I know that the bookcase is lame.
5) No vendors yet, but that is a possibility for the future.